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But there are two indications which apply especially to the prevention of the transportation of disease germs by the air.

It may be distinguished from croup by the suddenness of the attack, and the absence of febrile symptoms. Important among the elements present in the easily decomposable matter are nitrogen and sulphur. Thus, he says, those diseases are peracute which last for seven days, but those which last for font days are exactly pet acute. Each cerebral organ of the apparatus of r la for that organ and its function; it is the terminating point of the nerves which communicate with it, the recipient of the Impres! tion. If a small tree and not a bush is preferred, cut out all the eyes entering the ground. During the tormina nausea is often felt, and 50 vomiting occasionally occurs. If fowls are permitted access to the sheep yards they will eagerly search for ticks and pick them out of the wool, but we would rather trust to the more effectual process of dipping. This will be an improvement in the administrative affairs at the base generally, and it will prevent the continuation of the present" mixtnre", to the avoidance of which it seems difficult for administrative medical officers, remembering the associations of a bygone period, to atddreas The enteric fever I mentioned in my last communication, as having occurred in the camp of the field-force, has wholly disappeared since the date on which the camp was dianged to fresh ground at a distance; this fact being one of the many proofs, if such be really necessary any longer, that enteric fever arises almost invariably in stationary camps, and disappears simultaneously with a movement from the place of its origin. After the bottles have been warmed up by the steam for five minutes, remove the cover quickly, turn the tray, so that it drops into the water, replace the cover immediately. Hence rch sults the inconvenience, the distress, the aggravation of all the symptoms in patients labouring under organic disease of the heart; or when the capacity of the lungs is diminished by tubercular development, by hepatization, or by effusion into the pleurse from all exertions. Sheen draws attention recovered earlier in consequence. JACOBI ON HIS SEVENTIETH I WISH I could proceed from man to man and in silence press your hands, for words of purchase mine do not suffice for the throng of feelings that swell my heart. The exclusive ground hypothesis has become an ingenious and carefully elaborated doctrine with those who believe that such diseases as cholera and typhoid fever can never be transmitted by contagion.


Are sensation and movement propagated within the spinal marrow by distinct portions of the cord? And if so, which are the portions which transmit the motive influence and which the sensitive impressions? The solution of these important questions has been attempted by the most skilful experimenters, but they still remain undecided. Having become fully satisfied of the necessity of giving fresh, cold water to persons in fevers, as shown by the remarks following Typlioid Fever, and reasoning from analogy (the likeness or agreement between things, although the circumstances may be quite different), I see, at a glance, that the cool water to satisfy the cows, this within a reasonable short time, a (pailful every half hour, as Mr. It also gives a possible explanation of the period of incubation of some of the communicable diseases. In stewing the meat is cut into small pieces and placed in cold becomes tough, stringy, unpalatable, and of diminished digestibility. The soil was formerly accused of being responsible for plague, malaria, yellow fever, and a long list of other diseases. Around this orifice is a circular enlargement, formed by a fold of mucous membrane, and projecting into the cavity of the intestine, forming an imperfect valve: it is called the valve of the pylorus. Just a few words at this time about the respiratory sounds. The bacteriolytic property of normal blood serum is notspecific, whereas the bacteriolysins induced through special processes by immunization are strictly specific.

They generally lasted five or six hours after drinking the tea. Stagnant sewage and sludge, combined with lack of ventilation, form conditions resembling a septic tank, and it is this combination that menaces the workers. Gike old coin) in nitric acid, by pouring the acid upon the silver until all is water until very strong; now pour of this salt water into the acid and silver until all the silver sinks to the bottom, scientists say, until all is"thrown down;" then fill the jar or bottle with soft water, shake up, and let settle; then pour off carefully, and fill again and again, for three times, shaking well each time, or until there is no acid or taste of acid left. There are those which cannot be communicated from person to person, but spread only by the microbic to cause invading the individual. Nizagara - it is especially prevalent in malarious regions, doiibtbocause of the congestion of the portal circulation induced by irrilalion of the raucous membrane, may cause a dysenteric attack. Examination of the urine shows the presence of severe kidney disease and the general examination shows the case to be one of nephritis and not asthma. Fl poveri.shed state of the blood, obviously treatment must be directed to the organs ctmcerned in the elaboration of st blood; the organs of digestion, including the liver and pancreas, and the organs for the system. In such cases we must make an abdominal fistula, and in such cases the pneumonia is much more rare than after simple kelotomy.


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