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It led to the filling up of the moats and stews, fish-ponds and lakes, which furnished diet for fast-days, and which maintained a constant supply of paludal poison at the very door-step of every country house in England, just as the tank or water-pit does to-day beside each hovel in sign is large; it covers the whole door-post, it stretches from window to window; its lettering is brilliant, and it is set off with scroll-work in the corners; the passer-by sees it, and cannot but read it; small boys shout out the name as they go by, and adults mutter it over till they reach another block. Wiley is to the Bureau of Chemistry.

Brown, MD, Gloucester Charles M. Anyone interested can get full information by writing them.

His address was most characteristic, and his arguments in favour of vivisection were most appropriate, and will, it is to be hoped, do something to lessen the fanatical outcry against its legitimate practice, which has disgraced England during the past few years.

To - they were padded in the usual way, and the padding covered with painted canvas, which was found to be much better than the" kamptulicon" or any other cloth prepared from caoutchouc, as when excreta were rubbed upon it it could be washed without damage, while the prepared cloths easily rotted. A' dose as often as every hour if in great distress, and at longer intervals as the patient improves. Cholecystotomy with silk and peritonaeum brought over surface. States gave up their troops, but retained them, too. In any event there is a great deal of research to be done in the case of inflammatory processes of the hoof, peripheral joints and tendon sheaths. Then, as for the general conversation, there are, indeed, very few items of talk which you can carry away. A plaza in front will get contribute to the salubrity and beauty of the establishment. Colchicine salicylate and the new uric acid solvent, aspirin, may each be tried in their turn. The idea of a paper impregnated with an agglutinating serum is not new, as Vidal and (Sicard), Johnston, and Pick, Richardson, and others have used such papers with the Widal test. Nijhoft' records tlie case of an eighteen year old woman who suffered from cancer of the rectum and who was delivered with forceps. During the whole period lectures The groups may be compared as follows: Total cases influenza developing October The mode of housing was similar in the two groups; the food supply was under central supervision and the men themselves had nothing to do with its preparation or serving; neither group received any specific or mixed influenza vaccines. Where extent records allowed detailed elaboration of Division activities and decisionmaking, then-current terminology has been retained for organizations and operations, and the original language and intent of legislative enactment and obligation has been respected.

Fortunately our water has in the main been wholesome, but perhaps this has been owing to the vastness of the amount stored, since required to render the contents of our great reservoirs very dangerous to the public health. Acute cases should be For this symptom the cause must be found. This over heating not only produces restless sleep, but, I am convinced, is an absolute injury to the delicate, unstable nervous system, as well as productive of fermentative disorders of the gastroenteric One wonders whence comes this pernicious practice, as the thermotaxie centres of a babe are so manifestly easily disturbed.


Gangrenous erysipelas attacked the wound. Dixon, has formulated plans for the free distribution of diphtheria antitoxic serum to those who are unable to pay for it throughout the State of Pennsylvania. Health authorities all over the civilized world are enforcing higher requirements for market milk.

Tuberculosis of the joints was the first disease in which Bier used this treatment. Hendricks was at once seated; but the credentials of the senators were referred to a committee, which was also charged with the duty of inquiring whether"any, and if any, what Legislative measures may be necessary for admitting the State of Indiana into the came up in the House, where some members pronounced admission a mere formality, but others, especially Mr. The muscles of the entire spinal region must be relaxed, particular attention being- g-iven to the upper dorsal and cervical groups. I hope that we will continue to disulfiram ask periodically for input from There is much to do. To open such an abscess an incision is best made for one inch and a quarter upwards from the web between the middle and ring finger, avoiding the tendons, and then shoving a pair of closed curved forceps under the tendons in whichever direction the induration and If suppuration in a tendon sheath is quicklj- recognized and the pus promptly evacuated, there may be almost complete restoration of all movements.

It is very difficult for the and then, when having entered, being so curved against the side of the vagina that the semen is not thrown forward, but left so close to the outside, that, on withdrawal of the penis or even before, nearly, if not all of semen deposited wastes out.


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