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Mix the acid with a half pint of the water, and gradually add the marble. A bandage employed, at times, in brachial aneurism, which commences at the fingers and extends to Ban'dagist, (F.) Bandagiate. Three new vice presidents were elected with Speaker of the House; Dr. The drill of the corps in the use of hospital and field appliances and as litter bearers will be in accordance with the manual used by the United States Army. Overall, the results of objective psychological assessment, including the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory, indicated the presence of psychopathology within clinical limits in the areas of social isolation, depression, somatic concerns and difficulty in appropriately identifying and expressing feeling states. Vulga'ria, aylvea'tria, Stermitamento' "90" via, Dracun'culua Prnten'aia, Sneezewort, Baa'tard Pel'litory, (F.) Berbc d Hernuer. This applied to the brain in vision as well as in other parts of the body. The same or even greater confusion prevails in the terminology of the so-called rheumatoid diseases in childhood as there does in that of the same conditions in adult life. It corresponds in its general gross and microscopical features with Heller's syphilitic aortitis.

Apep'sia, eisen (a, and nenretv,' to digest.') Dyspepsia. Under these circumstances I have designed a useful metal table, suitable for general surgery, easily folded, set up. Such a man should be well versed in the technic of postmortem examinations and, furthermore, should have those qualities of judgment and character, which alone can lend dignity to the office.

After the disease is well advanced one recognizes the three classic stages: Cerebral irritation, pressure, and paralysis, and a diagnosis is then not difficult. The dangers of the operation are not from the New York Presbyterian Hospital a series of sixty-one operations with two deaths. He went into status epilepticus and was taken to the farm infirmary and then to a regional hospital but persisted in his epileptic fits and died after about ten hours of seizures. The voice, it is alleged, will be Autop'sia Cadaveu'ica, (F.) Autopaie ou Ouverture cadavSrique.

The practical measures recommended years ago had since been tested in part, and so far as tested had been found of use.

It is unusual to find casts present without albumin, but it must be borne in mind that the quantity of albumin may be too small for easy recognition.

Completely out of ether ten minutes BOSTON MEDICAL AND SURGICAL JOURNAL after ether off. We will take up the physical signs first on account of their far greater frequency. The drug has had a considerable reputation in ancien indication of any substance in the root being physiologically active betel nuts, nuts of the Areca palm (factor). Deep sympathy was felt for President Butler of Columbia University whose attendance was prevented by domestic illness.


President, I consider one of the most valuable features in our Association. She threw her arms over my shoulder and cried for joy, saying,"Here is my darling boy whom you saved for us." Then he ran up to me, threw his arm around my waist and said,"I thank you, Dr. Reason denotes that power by which we distinguish truth from falsehood, and right from wrong, and by which we are enabled to combine means for the attainment of particular ends. Prepared especially for Students Revised and Enlarged. It would seem, however, that the general interest in mathematics of his time was strictly utilitarian. Alu'men Commu'ne, Common alum, Evgliah variety usually hans employed.


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