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In the socalled"vomiting" diphtheria, which is always fatal, the reaction is not more marked than usually happens in a severe case. On the other hand, a too early taking of the vaccination indicates irregularity, and is usually due to some defective character of the lymph used. The removal of the healthy children per cent, of their brothers and sisters who are left behind fall victims to the infection. The explanation of the occurrence of these cysts, the author thinks, is that they are formed by a folding in of the serous covering of the tube, due to inflammatory processes. It is recommended 10mg that, when at drill, a short stick be held with both hands in front of the chest. In fact, though the literature on the subject of death by electricity is extensive, comparatively few of the experimental researches of the many investigators of this subject have been carried out except in a very crude way, and in consequence many undoubtedly erroneous conclusions have been arrived at simply because the experiments were not made in a truly scientific manner. We must expect equally deplorable results as time develops them. Among the therapeutic remedies employed to increase uterine contractions, he considers sulphate of quinine and ammonium succinate as possessing much merit. His tablets servant has suffered severely from fever. Lennox Browne, and others, saying that the gargle was of no use.

At first the slough appeared to be very superficial, but as the edges became detached it was discovered to extend deeper in the centre, and separated very slowly notwithstanding constant surface was filled with flabby granulations; healing was accomplished very slowly. But if, because of the lack of the necessary apparatus, or because of the composition of the foreign body, or the firmness with which it is imbedded, xl magnet extraction is impossible, if the location of the foreign body is accurately known, I believe we should always attempt its removal with scoop or forceps. After the reaction had taken place, the samples were kept in the ice box for another twenty-four hours, but a further effect of the amylolytic ferment was not obtained. It may be given with the food. Anaesthesia and shrinkage of the soft tissues were concerned in two cases of cautery operations on the inferior turbinate body, and if eucaine be its value by overcoming some of its drawbacks. The cerebral convolutions were then exposed by reflecting back the dura, and a cup-shaped brass electrode, covered on its convexity with rubber and lined with well-moistened chamois skin on its concave surface, was applied to the surface of the brain. He says that in indefinite and atypical diseases of the abdominal organs, especially when there are signs of involvement of several organs at one tirne, one should always consider syphilis as a possible etiological factor. One can employ a simple enema of normal saline solution once or twice a day, with an s.

It was ascertained that he had been treated at Battle Creek.

A more perfect knowledge by the laity of the true relative valuation of regular medicine and the various fads and semireligious cults, together with a generous appreciation of the limitations of the present state of development of the science, would eliminate most of the false attitudes now held by the public.


The heart appeared large, and felt hard: upon opening the organ it was found distended with very dark clots, which bulged out as the incision was made.

Of dextrose are given in solution (best perhaps in weak coffee for a tiavor) and the urine e.xamined SIX hours later for sugar by Fehling's method. Others belong more to the interior of the organ, and often have their origin in Glisson's capsule. Playter's recent book, from the medical press and eminent physicians; and also to his Sanatorium for cases of incipient phthisis, heart disease, rheumatism, neuroses, etc., on page xx of advertisements, etc.

This granule may be depended upon to jugulate pneumonia in its early stages, when given dosimetrically to effect.

Again, given a case in which the patient is rapidly succumbing to the disease, we would expect her body resistance to weaken to any one or all microorganisms. The first eff'ect of kola is hardly noticeable; the man who takes it simply feels refreshed, but after eight or ten hours the heart's action is there is the lassitude, the nervous weakness and the tremulousness that ensue from over-drinking; the diflference is that with kola the reaction comes on more gradually. In daily life it can often be observed that when we receive a strong impression from the senses there is temporarily produced an inhibition of voluntary movements or actions. We have shown that the proposed laws will not only be useless for their professed purposes but will really interfere with medical discoveries.


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