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Hugh Taylor of Richmond voices this sentiment:"If the delayed operation is good few will deny but that the early operation is Preventive surgery is, in the broadest sense, conservative. Upon leaving the Government service. In the opinion of this author, the theory of the infectious origin of chorea is far more satisfactory and complete cases of secondary infection by the staphylococcus in chorea, and gives it as his opinion that in four-fifths of the cases infection could be traced as the causative factor of the nervous trouble.' But, however suggestive the various theories and investigations as to the nature of chorea, nothing is more certain than that no constant pathological change is associated with it, and we must fall back upon the theory of its neurotic functional origin. He also wrote a popular treatise, his writings were well known, meeting everywhere with a cordial reception. M'Intyre, perceiving the urgent nature of the case, sent off an express to Edinburgh for me. The average age of students who enter Harvard has been gradually increasing, until now it is nearly nineteen years. At about the fifth day in each case there was a noticeable hnprovement in the power of language. Phillips, I am willing to believe he is utterly unacquainted. Davis has served for several years as President of the West Side Free Dispensary. This number follows the general plan of the earlier numbers, and of Murphy's Surgical Clinics. I happened to see one of your Note Books in a friend's house, and got a small bottle of your Embrocation from Raimes of York and am much surprised and glad to find my valuable pony quite cu"ed.


As long too as the uterus was prevented from contracting, more or less of bloody effusion was allowed to go on, which must necessarily have added to the inflammation. This complement can be used up, however, by other combinations than the rabbit's serum, and the sheep's corpuscles.

After discharge gradually grew worse, refused to talk to parents, laughed inanely when accosted, broke windows, destroyed furniture, and would only eat when food was placed in his room at night.

This was a poor, wretched-looking, dejected creature, confined in the same ward with Finlay. The Medical Record has no quarrel with the Porhibitionists; on the contrary, it wishes that their efforts could ever be crowned with success, but it believes in the exercise of temperance in all things, even in the endeavors made to repress intemperance. All classes of chronic organic and nervous diseases are given this advantage in addition to the regular medical treatment: there. And especially interesting is his description of the Maloja Kursaal, in the construction of which the primary object has been to secure proper ventilation and heating, which would seem to have been effectually obtained. The doctor attending it could not seem to help it. Hoadley is identified with the history of his adopted, far more than with that of his native State.

The nature of the injury, or the manner in which it was received, is, I think, of minor importance. In such cases the only treatment is to dissect the tumor out, and let the place heal up as an ordinary sore. Rarely pure cultures BOSTON MEDICAL AND SURGICAL JOURNAL were obtained at this stage, but usually it required repeated plating and re-inoculations to accomplish this. In general, the quantity of urine excreted by the patient corresponded with the excretion of nitrogen and salt.


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