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The second case had a bad nervous heredity; a young woman, after gonorrhea, developed hallucinations, stupor, and outbursts of mania Venturi, in twenty-two cases of hebephrenia, found gonorrhea in twelve.

Under treatment the improvement was so marked that they were later successfully operated upon.

It is doubtful whether this is true regarding the bladder, as in this instance, it would appear that stimulation of either system produces contraction, though the antagonistic action may obtain in In the case of the salivary glands, stimulation of either the sympathetic or autonomic appears to increase secretion. We avoid the umbrellas of canada passersby. Many was being applied when the cuff was attached. One hundred and sixy-tliree cases have occurred during the four percent., which gives the matter a sufficiently serious aspect. It has allied with itself the A rican Surgical Dressing Committee which distributed in Prance in for tic American Army and Navy, the Red CrOSS is establishing field canteens for every corps of the Army, including the French Army. Similar variations of hardness were noticed in the uterus. A relieving officer will not meet the wants of a country district. Then the ether can be pushed on more rapidly in the third with the least expenditure of ether that will secure his object."" He had known ovariotomy cases in which the ether used was about one ounce for each half-hour," instead of" halt an ounce for half an hour;" also" they would have at hand an agent which was comparatively safe," instead of" perfectly THE MODERN TREATMENT OF UTERINE MYOMA. Sex - rheumatism, acute articular, anemia in, Rose's method for determining pepsin, blood for detecting malaria organisms, Rous and Turner, method for blood Scarlet fever, Dohle inclusion bodies in, Sellards' test for acidosis by determination of tolerance to sodium Solis-Cohen and Strickler, reference to, Spectroscopic tests for hemoglobin and pallida. To its exterior margin is attached the membranous canal, which forms half of the whole meatus. The use once or twice daily of a drop or two of a half-grain solution of esei'ine sulphate sometimes succeeds in breaking these adhesions, though more frequently it does not succeed; and it may prove disadvantageous by causing irritation of the iris, and even iritis, and thus increase the chances of posterior synechiae. I have seen the whole pharynx and tonsils covered with diphtheritic membrane, and yet there was very little constitutional disturbance or symptoms. This skull of an ancient Egyptian' is a typical example. British readers will hardly The drawings reflect high credit on Dr.


He found that in cases of cerebral tumor the fluid contained less albumen than in cases of sugar in the former cases, sugar was present only as an exception in cases of tuberculous meningitis. M., in which it occurred after the lochia had ceased, the lady had borne two children, and both large.

The work has adopted the classifications and principles enunciated in the American Text-book of Gynecology. Splenectomy for hypertrophy of the organ was not so favorable the girl was now in a good stats of health, and menstruating normally; as a house and parlor-maid, she performed a fair amount of hard work. These figures are edged tools, especially in food analysis, and are liable to bo used rather to the detriment of tliose who desire to put down adulteration than to their advantage. When splenectomy for pernicious anemia was first done the cases were unselected. It was impossible to get any animals different drops from those that were living in Italy. Garrigues' well known method The patient is at first given a bath, then an enema. He would, however, caution against always attributing a sudden syncope after diphtheria to a central impression. More definitely, they may be described as persons who hurry through life, indulging every animal instinct and impulse, regardless of all prudence and obligation, beginning after the use of alcohol, and associated with its continued use. Braid, detecting reality in this phenomenon, entered into an investigation of its physiological causes, in and thought that it might be due to a continued fixed stare paralyzing the nervous centers of the eyes and their appendages, and destroying the equilibrium of the nervous system. We cannot help thinking it a little to the disadvantage of the readers that these elements of the volume are mingled; but the headings of the parts are clearly set forth, and but little trouble is required to distinguish the two. It has not been my purpose in writing this paper to take in the scope of this subject, nor to offer any thing of a new and startling nature, but simply to call your attention to some very important facts that have been heretofore overlooked by the generality of the profession. To convey my idea of the disease, I call it rheumatism in the small joints, and rheumatism gout in the larger joints and muscles.


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