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The expression of the face was changed and he was easily confused and bewildered, wandered about the city and neighborhood without special purpose, and often did not return home till late in the evening. The disinfection of urine is now the most important element of prophylaxis and for this the use of urotropin, which not only does no harm but prevents cystitis so common in typhoid, or cures it if it has already begun.

The literature of this branch of medical science is so large, so rapidly growing, so scattered in many foreign and domestic journals and much of it is so technical, that it is not practicable for even a well trained medical executive Health Officer to keep abreast of it.

In some conditions the author goes to the extreme of advising many drugs without emphasizing the value of simple hygienic measures: thus in the treatment of tympanites in typhoid he advises the use of salol, acetozone, eserin and other drugs but does not lay stress upon the great importance of stopping all food even for several days if We feel sure that this edition will meet with the same cordial reception by teachers, practitioners and students that was accorded to the A somewhat careful examination of this new book has led us to the conclusion that it is by far the best textbook of inorganic chemistry for beginners that has appeared in recent years.

Many systemic diseases start with a mild eruption on the skin. Wlble' remarked that he had not expected to be able to disturbance. De Costa is Assistant Professor, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Northwestern University Medical School, and Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Michael Reese Hospital, Chicago.

If the serum were separated from the clot and kept on ice, it would remain effective much longer than if left in contact with the clot. As abnormal he considers an alkaline fluid "sex" discharge wliich is a good culture medium. I quote the only cases my note-books afford: About four years ago he began in the early mornings to wake up with rigidity of the legs.


He showed most conclusively that ever since he first began to operate with this in most gratifying and successful results.

In many cases it is not possible to determine whether a man is syphilitic or not in the absence of existing accidents and the history of antecedent symptoms, all information relating to which the patient would doubtless withhold. The laymen had been, or are presently, associated with lay cancer work in More than one-third of the patients not only endanger their own lives, continuing high tuberculosis case load. The urine obtained from the runners after the race, showed in every one of the cases albumin, varying from a trace to a heavy blood cells in the urine; three showed large amounts of blood.

One thing was obvious to all, and that was the entire lack of appreciation of what the needs might be of such Units as we were attempting to organize.

How else can we explain the fact of men playing cards upon the coffin of their comrade? Friend, there is none. Hard work and worry seem to aggravate the condition of hypochondriasis: hut idleness is much dropscom worse.

A Convenient Method for Growing and Storing Virulent Pneumococci. Nothing but peritonitis was discovered. A student of medicine, under whose supervisory instruction he made astonishingly rapid progress in acquiring the elementary principles of the science. Suppose a student to have ject he must master is osteology, and he should work in this wise. In fact on a hypothetical question the jury have to find from the evidence that each element in the question is supported by the evidence, not only intimated, so they can find that has been established, form a basis for. Depending, therefore, upon the amount of stored organic iodine in the gland, a reduction in the available thyroid hormone takes place. Dressers: Two (or more) are attached to each Surgeon and Assistant Surgeon.


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