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Some days ago, he noticed a small pimple on the left side of the upper lip, which he subsequently scratched, and thus formed into an open sore. The operation was done with all the antiseptic precautions, under carbolic spray, and a Lister dressing was applied, extending well up upon the abdomen, back behind the nates, and half way down each thigh. The air was then let out, and the and it ceased instantly. Typhoid fever and tuberculosis have not that degree of contagiousness that requires absolute exclusion from public conveyances of those suffering from them, and as we all know such persons are, in fact, constantly traveling. Davis, Oscar F., contract surgeon, now at Bloomineton, Ind., will proceed to Fort De Soto, Fla., for duty. Every jolt means The method of transport will depend on the situation of the casualty and the nature of the injury. He stood in the ranks through the fight, he did his duty modestly as he saw it, he used his ancient gun until he could use it no longer, and then, with powder exhausted, comrades fleeing, and.the English rushing in, he was shot dead, among the last at his post. Of multiple sclerosis.there are foci of disease in the cerebellum. Sedillot allows the introduction of a bougie; whether the case be complicated or not with inflammatory or traumatic retention. A case of this kind was reported by W. The appearance of glycosuria in chronic Bright's disease after renal hemorrhages, etc., has been regarded as speaking for a diabetes of renal origin.

The writer found in the exudates of the earlier stages of the disease a bacterium belonging to the septicemia hemorrhagica group. There was marked ataxia of the right arm and Kg, tlie right vocal cord was paralyzed, and there was heightened sensitiveness to heat and pain in the right half of the face and the left half of the body. The first was a child of four years of age, which had been previously healthy; in the afternoon, after a hearty meal, the child was attacked by severe pain in the altdomen.


Again, in order to get at the image so as to examine it, there is a variety of circumstances which must be rigidly observed; and, since the subject of retinal optography is so delicate, I will take the liberty of giving a certain number of minutiae which will be of value to those who wish to experiment in this particular branch of physiology. DeBow, faithful to the mandate of Congress, did not exceed his limits; yet he packed each of his. Warts are soft, flesh-coloured, broad-based or pedunculated lesionsof variablesize. As an adjunct to other methods of treatment in asthma, I regard respiratory gynmastics as indispensable. The frequency of the pulse is much greater in animals which continue recumbent than in those which keep upon their feet. The gel most serious believes it is most efficacious in reducing parametritic exudates and inflammatory adnexal swelling. This case was that of a stout boy, three years of age, who, when three months old, had fractured his left leg, to which injury little attention had been paid, and when seen by Dr.

It starts on the hands and feet from which it spreads to other parts of the body, but remains most dense on the limbs. Not altogether darkness for science, though, was the seventeenth century in England. At the autopsy an agar tube was inoculated with a platinum loop lightly rubbed over the pleural exudate. As a general rule, therefore, I would select a locality on the seashore for the residence of consumptive patients." Indeed, it is becoming a generally accepted opinion, that the seashore offers paramount advantages as a residence for patients afflicted with pulmonary disease; yet it is commonly held that, the drier the locality selected upon the shore, the better for most cases, notwithstanding the statistics by which at least one author strives to prove that wetness of soil and atmosphere is rather disease of various types, and that the climate which proves useful in one type or phase may fail in others. Freeman, laryngologist to the hospital, made a laryngoscopic examination on this date and reported that the api)eared to bo one of subacute laryngitis with thickening (generic). The etiiux of blood from the sinus cavernosus takes places partly into the transverse sinus, partly into the internal jugular, and partly into the plexus vertebralis anterior, through the following channels, sinus petrosus superior, which connects" the cavernous with the considerably larger efferent channel than the superior petrosal channels forming a rich net-work, passes from the cavernous sinus, communicates laterally with the sinus petrosus inferior, and empties interiorly into the venous plexus of the anterior wall of the vertebral canal. A century ago the presence of fever was supposed definitely to indicate that the patient should have no food. It also fixes severe penalties for offenses against the various provisions. Two and a half inches wide by three in length, with its pedicle at the external abdominal ring, was dissected free from its surroundings and folded upon itself till it made a mass about one inch square; two stitches of carbolized catgut were ))assed through it and tied, to retain it in shape, and then the mass was tucked into the inguinal canal and held in place by being stitched to the pillars of the external abdominal ring.


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