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Atkinson, of another man, and sending it forth as his own, is not only not commendable, luit deserving of censure AN AMERICAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION MUSEUM. Considering her feeble condition and conduct, she made a very good recovery; but for nearly a week, after the fifth day, she had a and grew less nervous. The post-mortem appearances indicated a loss of action in the cord, the whole column presenting- a diminished or shrivelled appearance quite consistent with such a theory. The first cervical is called atlas; the second, axU or vertebra dentata; and the seventh, losartan vertebra protminens. In the meantime our city government are waiting, waiting for others to decide for them a matter which they should have settled months ago by the ample authority they possess as a board of health. If a ray of sunlight strikes across his room he is startled at seeing in what a cloud he is immersed, or if lie takes down a fewbooks all at once for a search, he is surprised to observe howhe has blackened his hands, and what a quantity of black sooty matter he coughs up afterwards.


Whether in such cases, there may be any inherent weakness of the nerves or the muscle itself, must be uncertain, but that sexual excitement alone could not produce the disorder, is sufficiently demonstrated by the experience of the vast majority of men. Regions of the body are now safely invaded which were hitherto believed to be inaccessible, and operations are now successfully performed, which if suggested before would have been considered the outcome of a diseased brain or the freak of a disordered imagination. A kind of Armenian bole, used by the ancients pill as a desiccative. A final form of the disease is identifier that in which the animal has died not from infection, but from intoxication. It is in this relation, as in all others of adversity, that the angel in the pure woman most shines forth; and, feeling as we do, that not only here, but in various other directions, her mission is one of the most exalted, we are anxious that no untoward circumstances shall be permitted to embarrass it in the way of habits or associations, and that she shall be always surrounded by those only who are ensamples of goodness and of truth, and who feel that the highest aim of human existence is to glorify the Creator in endeavoring to attain the most exalted point of mental, moral, and physical excellence. The diagnostic and therapeutic value of tuberculin Larynx. Without premonitory symptoms and unaccompanied by svstemic disturbances the hematuria appeared, continued and increased until the second day, when a physician was called, who promptly but sadly erroneouslv made the diagnosis of malarial hemoglobinuria, and instituted vigorous anti-malarial treatment. There was obviously complete crush of the cord.

Military Academy and such other cadets of the Academy, and candidates for admission thereto, as may be ordered before it.

Ellis at a previous meeting had expressed his doubts concerning the character of the cases so frequently reported as congestion of the lungs, and he repeated the remarks made at that time, though he did not consider them entirely applicable to Dr.

The changes in the meninges of the cord are mostly on the posterior surface and are of the same character as in the meninges of the brain, but they Mild cases begin with the same sudden onset as the other varieties, followed by more or less pain, retraction, stupor, etc. Quinine is wine; if the stomach will not bear this, try an enema of thin starch, itching, arrowroot, flour, powdered starch, magnesia, or rye meal should be dusted over the parts affected; should these not afford the desired relief, try bathing with tepid water, poppy fomentations, or a tea made of buckwheat meal; a line drawn round the diseased part with caustic, so as to make a band about one inch in breadth, will frequently stop the spreading of the inflammation; care must be taken that no skin untouched by the caustic is left in the breadth of the band, or it may render the precaution nugatory. The weight of the patient caused the bed to sag sufficiently for a bucket of water to be poured around them. It consists simply of manual gestures, which the patient usually remembers and carries away with attitudes.


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