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The lamp so formed is lighted in the usual way, and gives off when burning free quantities of sulphurous acid. He became the asked permission of the police to carry a revolver. Most writers on the advantages of a milk diet in disease, however, refer to its great usefulness in fatty degeneration of the price heart, a morbid condition not rarely present in obesity. The disease is not transmitted from one eye to the other by the passage of structural change along either optic or ciliary nerve." How soon does this inflammation develop after the receipt of the injury? In the above cases the interval was different in each. Are: Ptyalin, pepsin, trypsin, steapsin, amylopsin, lipase, enterokinase, invertin, erepsin, prothrombin, amylase, maltase, glucase, and lipase.


Even increasing probability of its being due to granular kidney. It was evident that the power of frothing depended on certain constituents, and the proportions in which they might be present. The skin was turgescent, and congested, but of normal temperature. Your Committee, to whom was assigned the duly of reporting on the advisability of dividing the cnuntr.v into branch associations, in accordance with the permissive provision contained in the plan of organization of this Association, and of suggesting a constitution and by-laws for such branches, and the states and territories which should be assigned to each, if svich division was deemed advisable, begs leave to recommend that permission be given for the creation of seven branches, at the discretion of the governing authorities of the state associations composing them, so arranged as to cover the entire country. In making a diagnosis of tubeicular meningitis tlie lack of oidencc of pre-existing tubercular trouble is susceptible of diagnosis by recognized clinical methods.

Drinking mineral water in Carlsbad, Kissingen and Marienbad, which is often efficacious during the stay in the place itself, may later on turn out to act in a contrary manner inasmuch as too large doses of the mineral water have been taken and physiotherapeutical methods have not been combined with them. In the opinion of the oldest teachers, this class was, physically, the best looking; mentally, the most vigorous; in manners, the most favorable; and professionally, the most satisfactory ever sent out from the University.

It ought to be possible to separate endothelioma from the other eases, and to offer those patients the benefit of a splenectomy. The Board of Education now maintained special classes for the blind, the deaf, the crippled, the enemic, the tubercular, and those suffering from trachoma, all of which deserved the attention and cooperation of the medical profession. Many germs are, however, carried to the liver, and here either annihilated or screened out of the blood in the portal vein and discharged with the bile. It continued for two days until zoloft the man finally fell down exhausted and unconscious. George Dock, Ann Arbor, Mich., said that there appears to be a retention of fluid in the body followed by polyuria. Although he walked to the clinic, about one-half mile from his home at a rather fast pace, he showed no dyspnea.

It has been his experience that more patients seek hospital treatment for lesions involving the subdeltoid, or subacromial bursa, as he prefers to call it, than for all other lesions of the shoulder joint, including tuberculosis and fractures, added together. The escape of pus from the original exploratory incision, as well as by the urine, served to limit the process, and it could be seen that much of the renal parenchyma was still intact.

Histological examination showed the growth to be a typical example of the special type of adenocarcinoma, known as malignant adenoma. Among the smaller animals whose bites from time to time have been regarded as particularly dangerous may be mentioned the skunk, the cat, and, more than all the rest, the rat.

The leg was amputated below the trochanter; death.


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