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With small resources and with scant equipment they renovated houses, put in beds, accepted patient-.

With the last two, we have increased the discharge of urine from twenty-six to seventy-nine ounces. Child labor lowers the child as a social asset of the future. Of a sanguine lymphatic temperament; constitution ap parently strong, witli a humoral excess; remarkable unwell for tlie last thirty-six hours, and presents himself with bad pains in tlie forehead and spine; general lassitude; no congestion of the conjunctiva; skin warm, and pulse hard and quick. Up to the present we have examined the blood in forty-two Illations were made by Haldane's method. At the same time I apply a strong aqueous solution (one drachm to the ounce) along the dorsum of the penis.

But they regard those cases as exception, which, on the whole, do not impair the value of the agglutination test. The stomach was small and contained a small amount of bilc-staiticd fluid.


This form of the disease in the throat is eminently contagious. The treatment consists of systematic gymnastics, manage, and electricity. In conclusion, he mentions that in two cases of ascitis due to hepatic cirrhosis the infusion of Sulphate op Sodium in Phenol Poisoning. Chomel expresses a similar belief; and Mr. Selling Health Protection at Cost byCooperative Effort AS A RESULT of a report by the Committee and Young Children, a small district has been selected in New York City in which the Maternity Center Association, the New York Diet Kitchen Association, and the Henry Street Visiting Nurse Service by special arrangement for joint service are prepared to furnish a health-protection and visiting nurse service to residents of that district at six dollars per person per year. When a space is first enclosed, the confined air is as healthful as outside air.

This occurs sometimes immediately they are passed, "28" but usually not to any extent for some time. Thick, pearly white on section and enclosing a cavity partly filled with a soft, odorless mass like flour-paste. I know nothing more deplorable than the condition of a patient whose constitution, already depressed by the presence of malaria, is further saturated by another poison which acts as a powerful ally of the In the asthenic form of remittent fever, such as that so well described by the instance of young and robust recruits, low adynamic typhoid symptoms were sure to supervene in a short time after bloodletting; and, even although it gave temporary relief, it was certain to aggravate, if not to induce, the subsequent typhoid condition: generic. KEATiyc, M.D., Fellow of the College of Physicians of Philadelphia; VicePresident of the American Paediatric Society; Ex-President of the pages; with two large half-tone illustrations, and a plate prepared br a subject of growing interest and imjxirtance. The importance of the flexion in those cases of irritable uterus where its existence has been actually recognized, has been view of the matter, it is not surprising to find, that even at the present day there is an indisposition to believe in the existence of a structural change of the organ in case of irritable uterus. Within this mucoid, whitish coating is a nucleus consisting of a lobulated mass not so white as the mucoid covering, more brittle, and finely spongy. Father had gonorrhoea, and might have given it to the child; contact with vulva of the child would be likely to produce it.

The millions of human lives and incalculable amount of human suffering saved by it attest its value. The disease was restricted to the right cephalic lobe of the lung.

Sufficient evidence exists to rule out the udder or mastitis group as the usual cause of souring under natural conditions. In a large rural district with extensive mosquito breeding areas of every variety and condition, often these limitations alone may operate to the undoing of control operations by oiling. After the cells began to die, as they soon did owing to the toxic effect of the stain, the al.


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