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Below, it is shut off from the abdomen by the diaphragm, through which pass, at the back of the chest, the gullet leading to the stomach, and the main artery and vein of the body.

There are seventeen representatives of the profession in the Canadian House of Parliament, and we understand that Sir Chables Tuppeb began life as a medical practitioner.

According to Erichsen, the transmutation of mucous polypus into epithelioma is by no means a rare occurrence (nortriptyline). In spite of our grouping them under certain heads, the diseases of the race are as distinct from one another as the features of the individuals affected. This has never been denied, but the main point in such a di.scussion is. Notice will be given ten minutes before the formation of the procession; in tlie interval Fellows are requested to assemble in Huntington Hall. On the day of his burial, instead of food, he slowly swallowed, in the presence of the assembly, a rag of three fingers in breadth and thirty yards in length, and afterwards extracted it, for the purpose of removing all foreign matters from the stomach, having previously rinsed the bowels in the manner I have before mentioned. This contrasts in a marked manner with the history of this defect in the pulmonary artery. He pinched his finger in the door, became angry, and died at once of suffocation. The changes were in proportion to the duration and severity of ftiiled, strychnia was employed with good results. Inspiratory dyspnoea manifests itself in distension of the nostrils and, in whistling asthma, also in the occurrence of inspiratory stridors and much heaving of the ribs. Acute bulbar paralysis is characterised by the sudden onset of giddiness, headache, and sometimes vomiting, with unsteadiness of gait, but with no loss of consciousness. Coe said, in conclusion, that while the normal histology of these organs was not well understood, and their various pathological condition must, therefore, necessarily be regarded as still sub judice. Without entering into a discussion foreign to the purpose of this paper, as to the wisdom or utility of all compulsory forms of agreement in a society of this nature, I may say that this regulation represents the standard of the" regular physicians" of this State. Bramaim and Mikulicz place great confidence in the presence or absence of reaction. The Helmsly Turk of the Duke of Buckingham, either in the latter end of the reign of James the First, or the beginning of that of Charles, seems to have been the earliest stallion noted in our racing pedigrees. When sufficient material is contained in the lower bowel, it pushes on ahead of it the matter that has heen gathered there during the immediately preceding time, and so leads to an accumulation in the rectum that brings about reflex evacuation.

The dryness and harshness of the throat are due to the arrest of the secretions; after a day or two a small quantity of tenacious purulent mucus is secreted; but this is rarely so excessive in amount as in chronic pharyngitis. Tliere were also small foci of infiltration adjoining. At the same time, we might be, and frequently arc, obliged to treat the case symptomatically, by which I do not mean that each and every symptom should lie attacked, as it were, by a different remedy, but that certain symptoms which seem to threaten the safety of the patient should be alleviated as far as possible by whatever means seem best to us.

Forceps and then re-bandage the wounded area. He recommends two applications a week, and has often seen marked improvement after a few treatments.

The second stage begins with the formation of the characteristic tubercles, and with the diminution or disappearance of the swelling and tumidity of the mucosa. We also noticed in many cases conjunctivitis and even decided blennorrhoea.

Fish with the least unpleasant smell should at once be rejected.



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