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Yet there are many causes which do occasion contusions within the chest, a severe blow directly over the heart might possibly produce a bruise of that organ, and a similar impression on the sternum or breast bone has been known to give rise to an abscess within the front of the chest.

There is, fortunately, ample evidence that medical men will not be caught napping when health insurance is enacted, and no less a leader than Surgeon General Rupert Blue in his address as president to the American Medical Association has declared:'Health insurance is the next great step in social the exclusion of the commercial insurance element from profiteering in social health insurance follows the tested experience of other countries, and is in line with an unmistakable American tendency as a result of practical experience here with workmen's compensation legislation, every effort to exclude such profiteering in these misfortunes of the wage-earners is met with vigorous and characteristically selfish opposition. The manner of the destruction of the usefulness of this muscle matters but little, the result sooner or later will be the yielding of that portion of the pelvic floor which it guards, and the descent, first, of the vaginal wall, next, If it were possible in all cases to restore the normal resistance of the pelvic floor we might not find it necessary to do more for the prolapse; but, as a matter of fact, this is rarely accomplished, because of the great difficulty geal muscle and its fasciae; or the impossibility of correcting the relaxation due to subinvolution or congenital That the recognized perineal and vaginal operations fail to reach the essential causes of defect in the pelvic floor is proven by the constant recurrence of prolapse in cases subjected to the most elaborate and thorough operations upon the perineum and vagina. If no professional assistance can Mix these with a few drops of water, and make the mass into four pills, of which two may be given immediately, and When the urgency of the case requires it, this treatment may be repeated for two or three days in succession; but for delicate females the dose must be diminished to one half. Considerable latitude is allowed by the board of health as to the forms of reports and extent who was one of the medical investigators of the Illinois Commission on Occupational Diseases, has been in charge of the work conducting a"survey of occupational diseases" for the state board of health preliminary to the drafting recommendations for future legislation and administration.


Thus the rapidity for sugar, sodium 5mg sulphate, sodiimi chlorid and urea is, as The endosmotic equivalent for each substance, however, is not constant. In some places, the sides of the adjoining cells are united together over a considerable space, so as to form a broad sheet of membrane, through which fluids cannot pass; and these sheets are applied on those parts which are intended to move upon, or glide over each other. The optimum temperature for growth and elaboration of toxin by B. John Henry Trab and, Jr Maryland (for). Material appearing in The Journal of the Arkansas Medical Society is protected by copyright. Therefore we do not reckon the coulomb or quantity. In the first stage of labor a speculum was used, and the solution painted over the neck and vagina, or a tampon, saturated ynih the solution, may be introduced. Because of the rarity of conditions found below the waist line, influencing woman's fitness for work, most physicians in industry have limited their examinations to the head, neck and chest coupled with a careful history in each case which develops the need for a more complete examination in certain cases. Whether some fluid is given off through the urinary tubules, especially the convoluted tubules, is as yet undecided.

The sputum early was thin and frothy and usually contained small, white particles.

For example, the clinical thermometer is commonly removed from the patient's mouth to its case uncleansed. The irritating effect of the kathode is dependent upon the escape of water at this point. This practice will undoubtedly extend to all the commissions in the course of time. Generic - the original starting-point of cancer is a question on which opinions are extremely various. Many of the leaders in industrial medicine and surgery are numbered among its members.


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