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Being asked what the trouble was, she told me her bowels were all out, and directed me to examine and see.

Some cases of small-pox in Holyoke. In conclusion, let us do honor to Prof.

I argued that if the tumor were a fibroid, continous with or closely attached to the uterus, its weight, dragging upon the vagina by means of tiie cervix, would cause the vagina to be drawn out into a long funnel, at the end of which would be the cervix, not projecting as before, but so retracted as to be almost level with the surface of the vagina. Being unwilling to cut this near the ankle, where there was a double risk of injuring the nerve and making a compound opening over the dislocation, the tendon was severed near its insertion in the phalanx of the great toe. It is a j common affection in this country.

True or not true, Professor Haugh ton's theory of the action of alcohol in typhus is not a trustworthy guide to treatment; alcohol is in no respect an antidote to typhus, and its chemical actions are of no therapeutic value, except in so far as they contribute to its stimulant, and perhaps to its nutritive action also; which last, however, holds but a veiy subordinate place. A wide field lies before the diligent student, the cultivation of which will yield him abundant satisfaction.


Three or four days afterwards he After the first attempt his temperature at night Strictures complicated with fistula in perineo T have also successfully dilated and temporarily cured. For unseasoned troops and for longer hikes, the economical speed is a slower cadence. Routine business, it was moved by the President, seconded and carried, that Drs. The tincture of iodine should be used within two hours after the wound is inflicted, as after that time it is probably valueless. Whether rickets is due to a qualitative rather than a quantitative lack, to uk a deficiency in feeding or to improper assimilation, to fat loss or to failure of the bony tissues to utilize the salts from the food, our aim should be to provide a sufficiency of all the food elements in a form adapted to the child's assimilative powers.

As an example one instance may be quoted.

In prisons there is always a milder discipline for the large class of epileptics and weak-minded prisoners, upon whom punishment has no reformatory effect. There was a certain basis of fact which suggested some of these delusions, particularly with respect to the fortune of which they imagined themselves to be defrauded.

They both o'clock in the body in two places, a foot and six inches from the head, and also on the head, by a large and vicious daboia; blood was slightly drawn. " Tiie most important measure that can be threatened, suspected, or incipient phthisis, is a change of climate, Fahrenheit, during at least six months of the year in Britain." This view is still the favoured one with patients themselves. Therefore a careful inspection of all canned The terms"springers" and"swells" are applied to bulged, blown, or swelled cans. If kept on hand for a long time the ferrous carbonate is changed to tjhe ferric state. I, therefore, did not feel as uneasy about her as if the system was unaccustomed to such influecces; although these were of adiflerent nature from those which I had seen her have before; she had also been a great gormandizer, as her appetite was insatiable. Already ovei- one hundred cases are recorded with a mortality of less than twenty per cent., which is such a remarkable showing that we might find it difficult to believe, did not the statement come from very reliable sources. Last week I called your attention in the admission-room to the arms and legs of a gardener, as exhibiting quite a typical case of eczema in picturesque distinctness: I had him bled to six ounces, gave him a bran bath and only three doses of liquor potassse, and next day when we saw him in bed he was so much better that I was obliged to apologize to you for the departure of most of the characteristics of the disease. Tests for the offending allergen, and elimination diets. Brandeis from aristocracy is discussed and the careers of Arthur Henderson and General Gallieni are looked into (dostinex).

They are then wiped with liquid petrolatum or typewriter oil to prevent rusting and placed in the instrument cabinet.


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