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Louis, Mo., and assume charge of the medical supply depot In that city, relieving Major Harry O. The selection of a suitable diet and its judicious adminstration is a perplexing and yet a very important question, since the bowel must hear the brunt ol the affection. Lee in the meantime became acquainted with Hawley and with the extent of Hawley's knowledge of the theater and preparatory work (membership). She has continued to improve, appetite better, bowels fairly regular, little or no pain in abdomen, and looks brighter. An example is found in the antiseptic treatment of typhoid fever and the use of antipyretics in this disease. The use of properly modulated exercise is not only harmless but a very valuable aid in the cure of pulmonary tuberculosis. The keynote of the whole subject is investigation with the aid of the microscope.

Writes: I first used bovinine in a case of pneumonia in Boston ssveral years ago. But this accident did not take place upon withdrawal, and there has been no symptom of it since. The theater chief of transportation to accompany their assemblies; hence, equipment arrived on the beaches Corps about the assembly problem, but to little avail. For the company aidmen and battalion and regimental surgeons who first cared for these injured, as for the riflemen they accompanied, the Normandy hedgerows became the dominant fact of life, and too often of death. Occupational asthma without a latency period follows exposure to high concentrations of irritant gases, fumes, or chemicals on one orseveral occasions. The cows are bred and fed for good milk only, and only for this laboratory. Besides the laboratory work, there is a lecture and a tures are illustrated by a magnificent collection of colored drawings, and by recent and morbid specimens. These plans were comprehensive programs, embodied in directives to British civihan and military agencies, for the reception of American troops and supplies and for the and the Second Key Plan, issued on used as the basis for planning were similar in assumptions and principles. Some operators use the scissors to cut off the diseased part when this is possible, and some use the electrolysis, putting one pole in the lesion and the other on the neck. Ox-gall is just what and if you should kill six oxens and examine the gall of each you would probably find that no two would be found to be strictly identical from a strictly chemical sense. Their incomes based entirely on student fees, the schools tended to admit as many students as possible and to reduce their expenses as much as possible: general. Within these neste of cells are many sinuses having no distinct walls, but marked by closely packed cells of the type already described.

Two other cases I will have to add to my death list, two children having convulsions caused by cough medicine. I only referred to those causes which were the most frequent.


We have submitted to us operations that require the most perfect surgical technic and the greatest skill, the coolest head and deftest hand." Pennington (Chicago) dwelt upon the importance and efficiency of this agent in the treatment of pruritus ani when the cause is local.

Now I have been particularly fortunate in getting many cases. His test serum lost its destroying power but not its agglutinating property when heated one-half amount of serum of a normal uninjected guineapig was He then modifies his statement regarding the inaction of the heated serum, declaring that it is not quite exact to say that"defibrinated rabbit blood remains truly intact. Twenty-four hours after the last one was taken four of them were passed unchanged by the bowel. Hospitals set up separate wards, with surgeons in charge, for such patients and placed the rest in wards designated staffed by officers of their medical services. A space in the center of the rapidly and with no evidence of scar, I determined to use grafts of normal skin sufficiently large to entirely cover the denuded surface. Color of lips and cheeks quite good, and the patient does not look emaciated.


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