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A corridor is to connect the amphitheatre with the basement of A large amount of work remains to be done on this hospital, and as building operations must be restricted to the available income, which is about and five years to complete all the buildings and their connections, with the necessary heating apparatus and machinery. Occasionally, but infrequently, the gums are made slightly tender; hasty evacuation of the intestine may occur several times during the first day, but after this the bowels are moved but one or twice in the twenty-four hours; this is the rule.

There was no epidural hemorrhage, but pressure was made upon the facial nerve by interosseous hsemorrhage as a result of the fracture. The cyst contained, as you see, a bunch of hair, several teeth, etc.

We can dilate the opening, and then enlarge it with the fingers, without the use of any cutting instruments, mg against which objection has just been made.

Subsequently he was assigned as a member of the commission which took testimony and received claims made by the citizens of Southern Indiana who had heen injured or suffered property loss through the raid of General Morgan through that portion of the state. His injury was attended to by a local physician, who advised next amputation of the finger, as the best remedy. Upon considering this result in connection with our other experiments, heretofore reported, it was apparent that it was not worth while to carry the experiment any further.

I said to use an ointment 40 of the red iodide of mercury. I, II, III, New York, Appleton, Philadelphia, University of Pennsylvania Press, Walt Whitman, in Traubel, Horace (ed.): In re Walt Whitman, Philadelphia, D. I believe, however, the absolutely uniform results in this number of cases makes it more than probable that a larger number in the future will corroborate the conclusion which has been reached. The opposite view is that the lesion is situated in the multipolar ganglion online cells of the anterior cornuas of the spinal cord. Garcelon announced that the accounts had been audited and day found correct. Or suppose you have taken powdered glass, or any other agent which from its physical or chemical qualities has occasioned a violent inflammation of tbe inner coats of the stomach, and what is the remedy? Why, you are stufiled with cayenne pepper, steamed, and puked to dislodge imaginary canker that all diseases are to be cured by the same renoedy, and that fever is a firiend of the human system, and not an enemy, and, of course, should be promoted or encouragcid, instead of resisted or opposed.

Regarded as a whole, the growth would be classed as a sarcoma, or possibly a fibro-sarcoma, as there were a few fusiform cells between the fibers of the trabeeulffi. Weiss of Prague, has recently published in the Wiener Klinik, a very interesting monograph on symmetrical gangrene, in which he collates seventeen cases, including a very carefully studied one of his own. When obstruction in a marked degree has existed for some weeks emaciation becomes noticeable, and all the ordinary appearances of There are two points to bear in mind in considering these symptoms. The fact that the air did not pass in and out of the external wound during the act of respiration afforded good evidence that the lung was not wounded. I hope this confession will not frighten you too much, and to ease your mind I may assure you that I am a medical physicist. Discharged on the tenth my office, and I had given my opinion that the child she was carrying was undoubtedly dead, "uk" and that she was likely to fall m labor at any time. To avoid mistakes in regard to the crystallography of the fats of plants and animals, I always render the fats I use in deluvery my experiments, noting the stages of crystallization through which they pass in oil solutions. He was comatose for an hour or so, and was then attacked with almost incessant, and unrelentine epileptic convulsions.


After the war he graduated from Rush Medical College, and from that time forward was a competent and highly esteemed physician and surgeon at Huntingburg, Indiana. Such is also said to be the character of masses of hemp impregnated with oil or grease; sail doth and oil cloths, the different metallic sulphurets moistened, cotton and woollen cloths in large masses and embued with oil, old peltry, and old greasy cloths heaped up in masses; masses of tow impregnated with lard or oil, or flax or hemp seed, grains of the pulse kind ID heaps, masses of chips or saw dust, some kinds of dried bides, nitric aad sulphuric acid placed in contact with expressed or esseolial oils, tbospboretted hydrogen gas, ammonia, sulpliuret of antimony, arsenic, isroutb and zinc submitted to an atmosphere of oxygenated muriatic gas, quicklime moistened and in contact with bodies easily combustible, as If, however, the phenomenon of spontaneous combustion be of a character to excite our surprise when viewed in connection with inanimate inatter, with what additional wonder may we not contemplate its existence, when exhibited in the living body of an individual of our own species; and that, too, under circumstances indicating no important deviatioa from its ordinary physiological condition? When we consider the large quantity of wood or other combustible material, which is demanded for the incineration of a human body, and when we calculate the great slowness with which this process is actually executed, we cannot but with great difficulty allow the possibiliiy of its accomplishment in the living body, spontaneously, in the space of a few minutes, at a very low temperature of tl)e atmosphere, and without the the existence ol this singular pjienomenon; which merits consequently the serious consideration of everv physician, and of him especially who gives to the subject of medical jurisprudence any considerable share of professional attention. Stewart, of the Jefferson Medical College, was the first to give it an extended clinical trial, and he concluded that," as regards the sphere of influence of the two drugs on the respiratory organs, the effects are not unlike those of ipecac, and that it possesses therapeutic properties which render it even su perior to ipecac in certain diseases of the air passages in whicli the latter is often used." These are specified as bronchial catarrh, especially the subacute and chronic forms, when accompanied by scanty or moderately profuse secretion, whether the cough be tight or loose. On the other hand, the sections on Surgery, Practice and Obstetrics were full. There was a cicatrix in the left membrana tympani, with thickening of the tympanic mucous membrane and of that of the labyrinth and antrum. I will first divide the plantar fascia, and here you will observe that I pass the blade of the knife under the contractured tendon and fascia, with the blade lying flat against them. Of chloral tor children, four grams, for adults, and occasionally more in old men. The liquid extract was the preparation used, at first in doses of fifteen minims taken three times daily, afterward gradually raised until no less than nine drachms a day were being administered. Johnson's friend, Oliver Edwards, I have never succeeded in In the proposed Honour School the principles of philosophy are to be dealt with in relation to the sciences, and by the introduction of literary and historical studies, which George Sarton advocates so warmly grave error.

On the whole, the matter seemed buy simpler to me than I ha'd a priori imagined.


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