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Some patients do fairly well on a grain or two in'the twenty-four hours, while others require six or more grains. Although not Avholly absent, there is, generally speaking, less tenderness on gi'asping the muscles in lead than in either alcoholic or arsenical paralysis; whilst if anything there are more rapid atrophy and greater sensory disturbance in arsenical than in saturnine poisoning. In more severe cases the symptoms of general infection occasionally set in with the appearance of the pimple; at other times they may be deferred for a Aveek or more. In the near foreground was the slight hollow in which the" Rest Camps" were placed, and to the right of which the" Water Towers" made a striking landmark. When, therefore, lead salts have passed out of the stomach along with the acid chyme, there is nothing in the intestine, intestinal canal, there is the prolwbility that an insoluble lead sulphide will be formed, and thus eliminated. In the light of this discovery Dujardin, Yon Siebold and Van Beneden investigated the subject without, however, fully appreciating the true characters and relationships of the bladder forms. It will tell us whether the patient has two kidneys, a bit of information which is often indispensable and often unobtainable in any other way; it gives correct information as to the presence or absence of infection in either kidney; it determines the patency of the ureter; and, finally, it enables us not only to ascertain the separate function of each kidney, but it also enables the roentgenologist to asecertain, by the relation of a suspicious shadow to an opaque catheter, whether that shadow is within or outside of the renal pelvis or ureter. In a narrow room, inhabited by the family of a workman, the father, attacked with Ijlack small-pox, was writhing on the only bed, whilst round him his wife and live children, without food or fire, were waiting in despair for their turn to come to be seized with the disease.

X-ray plates and records, and histories of all cases evacuated, and the jjrompt forwarding of all records in case of death.


The cxplanaticni is that these poisons influence temperature in three ways: (i.) If a dilute under the skin of an animal, so that absorption is sIoav, Ave obtain a maxinuun of local Avith a minimum of constitutional effects; and the temperature is invariably raised a few degrees, (ii.) Under the influence is an associated fall in the body temperature.

Submit the original and one copy, retaining a copy words most suitable for indexing the article, should stress the main point, and should be short. It is desirable, however, virectin to defer closing the hard palate for some months. Much of the material made was taken to three assistants. Other writers, notably Sonnenburg and Cerna, have confirmed the value of alkaline sulphates in the treatment of acute carbolic acid poisoning. Dr Hager also participated cis a As a result of increased initiatives by the CME Committee to assist organizations in maintaining quality continuing medical education programs in Kentucky, expenses have escalated. PROFESSOR OF OBSTETRICS, UNIVERSITY OP PENNSYLVANIA, An impression prevails that symphysiotomy is the proper operative treatment for labor obstructed by a moderate degree of contraction in the pelvis, in which the other alternatives are the induction of premature labor and craniotomy.

Thus, possibly, they were placed in a position to advance further towards gaining access to the body of the definitive host, where they might attain to sexual maturity. Kindly allow mesp.ace to offer a few remarks on this subject.

In severe cases, with flagging heart, aromatic spirit of ammonia, with brandy, was given in connection with the nitro-glycerin and strychnin.

The virus can be transmitted a healthy buck, the male after infection seems to lose his power of Meibowsky. The joints were movable, except in so far as they were limited by the obliquity of the distal phalanges.

The bearing of these constants on the examination of the Fachini, S., and Dorpa, G. Marine lint" (which I have not seen) as being"more oily, more tenacious, and more thoroughly saturated with tarry principles" than tenax.

The mere finding of chlamydospores in this organism is not sufficient to name it Mucor, for chlamydospores are common to many fungi. Hardwicke on Charles after removal from the Highgate Infirmary on May II, he having been the day previously admitted into that infirmary. A common cause of the continuance of sjnnptoms in malaria is disturbance of the gastro-intestinal functions. Tweedy read a paper on the tendons of the uterus and their relations to the lower uterine segment. Some granules seem a little lighter in the center and sometimes they appear unevenly colored. A case of accidental electrocution causing extensive gangrene of The operative treatment of spastic paralysis is a problem which was occupying considerable attention in the days before the war. His kindly manner, his dignified and courtly bearing won from his associates a feeling of high regard and worthy esteem. Whilst there is no valid reason for excluding the medical men of those towns which have taken special powers for requiring the notification of cases of infectious disease from the penalties attaching to the non-performance of trial the duty imposed by the Local Act; there can be no sort of excuse for their being vexatiously haled before the justices, because, in a particular case, they have not complied with the exact letter of the law. In fact, cats and dogs use the eyes to determine position. The base is formed by remnants of the sulmiucous tissue adhering in the form of shreddy sloughs; in the older ulcers it is a clean smooth granulating surface, with a marked absence of purulent material.


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