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It is important to have the blood platelets counted in more cases of telangiectasis and of haemophilia. In more severe cases, as in that of the epileptic mentioned, in which all nerve-irritability for a time is lost, the application of the' voltaic current to the muscles is often followed by an improvement in their nutrition.

These are the larvse ot the different species of gad-fly, which pester horses in the summer. The respiratory muscles occasionally engaged in uncontrolable spasmodic action, which gave great distress, and The purpose of the treatment was, therefore, to remove cerebro-spinal irritability and congestion, upon which the deformity appeared to depend, on the general plan pointed out, and for the reasons assigned in my book on"Paralysis." Neither leg nor arm which had previously received the physician's and the patient's chief attention, were subjected to any process of extension or Recovery progressed rapidly and uninterruptedly.


A point which is too often liable to be overlooked is that this glandular adenopathy is especially apt to occur in those children who are subject to tonsillar hypertrophy and adenoid growth of the naso-pharynx; indeed it is by no means improbable that it is through the medium of these, infection takes place and their early and thorough removal would in many cases completely prevent subsequent scrofulodema. On, on, on I sped, unconscious of the way or whither my destination. About one half of the cases of syphilis, in the male, are seen by the physician in the primary stage.

I do now not believe you can tell when you have reduced your intussusception, and if vou use much force, you may break through the weaker part of the bowel and complicate the case very much. Probably there is no single symptom of an abnormal state for which advice is so frequently sought as that of a cough. Causes: Drinking ice-cold water; standing in draughts, giving too powerful cathartics; feeding new oats, newcorn, or musty grain or hay; heavy, fatiguing work; indigestion; spasmodic colic, when not properly attended to.

There are no figures to be given on the subject. A great number of such cases are on record. Lilienthal was compelled to hurry the operation, with the result ihat some tissue at the side which felt harder than normal was left, although it may not have been carcinomatous (man). A want of this constituent cellsalt causes yellow slimy deposit on the tongue, slimy thin, decidedly yellow or greenish discharges and secretions of watery matter from any of the mucous membranes, epithelium, conjunctiva, etc., and epithelial desquamation. My associates in the social life of the community kept coming to me and telling me how many thousands they had made on this stock and this stock and the other stock, and they were certainly spending more money than they had ever spent before. Came into my office suffering with a severe pain, felt just above and to the right of the sterno-clavicular articulation. In fact, there is no evidence that the spleen exerts any special influence on either carbohydrate or proteid metabolism According to the work of Schifl', modified by the subsequent work of Herzen, Lepine, Gachet and Pachon, and others, the spleen has been represented as elaborating and furnishing to the blood a true internal secretion characterized by a definite enzyme which possesses a special affinity for the pancreas, the protrypsin of which it activates and converts into trypsin. Another year small-pox lifts its fearful head in our midst. C, before locating at Sanford, where he was practicing at the time of the outbreak of the World War. These cysts have no relationship with syphilis or other pathological conditions.

Several grains of quinine up only added to his distress, till he was forced to apply for On admission to the hospital patient was able to give a clear account of himself, but did so in an absentminded manner.


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