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It was constantly present in cancer, intermittently in ulcer, and was absent in gastritis, hyperacidity, hypersecretion, and the gastric neuroses. The ventral cerebral commissural systems extend forward from the floor of the medulla oblongata to the lamina terminalis in an unbroken series except at three places, namely, the infundibulum, the postoptic recess and the preoptic recess. This statement I should have accepted with great caution, had it always occurred about the parturient period; but coming on at the early months of pregnancy, and on several occasions, compelled me to attach importance to the statement, and I may say, I have seen this gentleman twice since -with the same condition, al-ft-ays taking place during his wife's pregnancy. The contraindications to irrigation are recurrence after a previous complete or partial reduction; the very acute and severe types of this disease which result in early destruction of the bowel wall, but which cases are fortunately not the most frequent type; signs of beginning gangrene or ulceration, evidenced by subnormal temperature, profound to.xemia, and other septic symptonis; enteric irrigation without delay; attempted simple reduction from below upward; in irreducible cases. It lessens irritation and increases the amount of urine and thus gives relief. On the ninth day, the septicaemia having become more accentuated, the injections of the sublimate were replaced by injections of a two per cent solution of carbolic acid: mg. In these studies for the first time there has been built up a connected account of the evolution of the telencephalon beginning with primitive brains and taking into consideration the factors and processes by which the form of the mammalian telencephalon have been determined.

When Dr Littlejohn affirms that the law works so entirely well in PMinburgh, I give him full credit for sincerity. In large doses it is an irritant. It is of interest to note, therefore, that the ontogenetic evidence for the sympathetic character of the ciliary, the sphenopalatine, the otic and the submaxillary ganglia presented in this paper is in full accord with the recent histological observations of Miiller of these ganglia are composed exclusively of multipolar neurones which do not differ materially from the sympathetic neurones in the other parts of the sympathetic nervous system. The immediate and characteristic symptoms of the injury were intense pain in the abdomen, collapse, and great irritation of the urinary reflex, with ineffectual attempts to void urine. In estimating the accommodation for ihe sick poor in Ireland, these great Union hospitals are too often overlooked by those who take an interest in this important branch of charity.

The intensity of the suffering readily yields.

In Philadelphia more than one-fifth of the population were annually treated as charity patients; in New York, with about ninety hospitals and nearly as many dispensaries, approximately one-fourtli of the people received free medical treatment every year. If so, the sanatorium would differ little and permanent buildings may come to be centers of infection.

Smith's protest, that the bladder was always examined after an operation for the removal of stone, he pointed out that that was generally bj' the finger, and could hardly be avoided, seeing that the finger was generally the last thing in the wound; but what he had meant was an examination by the sound after the finger had been withdrawn, made to ascertain the presence or absence of a second stone.


ITie recent works of Bigelow, Voltolini, Kiesselback, John Mac Kensie, etc., on the structure of the pituitary membrane, and the presence of erectile tissue in the nasal fossae, have conduced to the necessity of attributing an important rdle, in the mechanism of the production of these hemorrhages, to the exaggerated turgescence of the cavernous "150" bodies. A small speck upon the lens confuses the sight as much as a comparatively large mark upon the cornea. There was uses never any admixture with blood. For the presence of food in the stomach when this organ ought to be empty indicates impaired motility. When the Water hath drawn out all the salt-peter which was in the Earth, they take the clearest part of it, and dispose it into another Trench, where it grows thick, and then they boil it like salt, continually scumming it, and then they put it into earthen pots, wherein the remainder of the Dregs goes to the bottom; and. Alstonia constricta assists in the convalescence of low fevers, as well as in the convalescence of any acute disease, overcoming the debility of diphtheria, scarlatina, and that following parturition and lactation.

They are those marked by impairment of sympathetic innervation, and with a general want of nervous excitability.


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