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The male child is well and thriving, and up to this date has given no sign of being particularly weak.

Whether the diabetes is of hepatic, nervous, or pancreatic origin, the action of the hyperglycaemia on the tissues will be the same, and it would be outstepping the limits of this lecture if we were to enter into each in any It now remains for us to say a few words on the important subject of intestinal autotoxaemia. The following sentence is from of population, is a fact often lamented by its opponents, but that such artificial checks are an unmixed evil is more than, in the face of history, we are prepared to hold. Liver abscess cannot l)e called a common disease in this part of China, and yet I have seen a good many examples in the Shanghai native hospitals. For that redness of the cheek is but the sign of the fever which, after the Grecians, we do call the hec tical; and that shining of the eyes is but a sickly glazing, and they which do every day get better and likewise thinner and weaker shall find that way leadeth to the church-yard gate. He can lower his window when the day is mild, and can protect himself, by raising it, against the inclemency of the weather, which in San Francisco is certainly never so severe as with us here in New York. The distance at which this occurs in the second instance is the measure for the distance to be determined. An applicant failing in one examination may be allowed a second after on(! year, but not a third. It is also true that ubs certain portions of the tubules differ in function. The liver was small, weighing one and threefourths pounds, and its quadrate lobe was wanting. However, Albu was The following cases are deemed worthy of presentation, because of the difficulties in reaching a diagnosis in this affection, its very rare occurrence, and also because in one of the cases I am enabled, after sixteen years, to corroborate the original diagnosis: of a heart affection. It has been my intention not to cite any of the numerous cases I have records of, knowing how tiresome this is to an audience, but while writing upon the treatment of this paper I was called to see a case which so clearly supports the position I hold relative to early operation, that I will beg of the Fellows the privilege of reporting it. Operation was decided on, and on removal of the laminas of the tenth, eleventh and twelfth dorsal vertebnc the cord was found divided, with the bullet lying transversely between the extremities and concealed from view Ijy a large clot of blood.

Effects of cold water as a hypodermic injection. Pierce's attitude in the matter of libel, I wish to state that in so far as its claim of curing consumption is concerned his Golden Medical Discovery is an unqualified fraud. It is sufficient to say that she never had had true mercurial poisoning, but only the shock of being told that she had. The assassin is a phenomenon to the psychologist. Illinois Medical Political Action Committee (IMP AC) The Illinois Medical Political Action Committee (IMPAC) is a voluntary, non-profit, unincorporated, permanent membership organization political action arm of Illinois physicians and others in the healing arts professions. The most outstanding feature on basic measurements with radiation detectors guiding the veteran or beginner through recording statistics, digital and analog, in an intelligent and understandable Physicians who are engaged in the use of radionuclides in clinical practice will find these volumes valuable references. The consistency of the brain seemed good, uti and it cut with ease.

The hygienic map of a State is quite as valuable as its geological map, and it is the business of every practising physician to know it thoroughly.

After a little difficulty the esophageal opening into the stomach was found and the denture was then easily extricated with the aid of a pair of dressing-forceps.


" The Treatment of Hip-disease and the Application of Lateral Traction," by Robert W. As soon as the suggestion was made the most violent tremors resulted; the muscles of the arms especially were affected, and these limbs were thrown out in the wildest manner.

This peculiarity is well marked in most persons of the arthritic diathesis, and hence is found in rheumatic persons. It fortunately happens, however, tliat it is of rare occurrence. Clinically, there may be absent pulse with calcification of arteries.

Da Costa contributes a characteristically lucid and interesting description of Rheumatism. He who eats no meat save practically the breast of chicken eats very "flagyl" little, and less as time goes on, so weary of it does he become. The clique is usually made up of a few, cunning, oily, and sly, who never express an opinion, and who want to be leaders and manipulators, and who especially want consultation-practice; there are also others hungry for nostrums, jobbery, and profit; still others more hungry for office to satisfy vanity and ambition; a few gushers and" big-hearted,"" broad-gauge" fellows with a hidden world of slimy" on the make" (one is compelled to use curbstone slang Senators or Tammany politicians care for justice or for Is it not time we made an end of this execrable nonsense? The attempt to boost oneself or his"pals" into office, or to get the appointment to deliver"the address in," to"fix" nominating committees, to forestall the free and spontaneous action of the electors, is simply disgusting. A proceeding easy of performance.


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