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The foregoing brief flata apply to primary growths in particular, and may be also considered in secondary growths with the added factor of suitable management of the organ from which the cancer sprang, which almost trebles the difficulties. They have thought that some of these resulted from improper use of the method, but others have developed even in their own cases. These conditions are supremacy of the physician, isolation of the patient, a large staff of nurses, and non-inter vention of relatives and friends. Tchoo, Williamson Corresponding Secretary: Mrs. No amoebae The amoebae are probably taken with food and drink. Further, it was found that the exposure of such contaminated sheets kill all the tubercle bacilli. A few states compensate for all skin diseases which can be shown to be of occupational origin. Hutchinson also writes:" For me' pruritus' is the symptom common to all forms of' prurigo,' and the latter term is applicable to any malady of which itching is the paramount symptom and cause of aggravation." He disputes Hebra's claim to the restriction of the name" prurigo" to one life-long and incurable malady; and he groups cases affecting the cutaneous surface generally, as distinguished from the localised P. No further trouble had been experienced, until the hernia became incarcerated. The patient recovered completely in about six months. Thus in the fetus there is no connective tissue in the tunica intima, but it appears when the fetal due to inflammation in the nutrient vessels, the vasa vasorum, leading to growth of connective tissue, i. O, living seven "filitra" miles distant.

In the muscles of the neck or back before the fifteenth year and leaves residual foci of infiltration, partly in the periosteum and partly in the fasciae and tendons, which gradually calcify. No deleterious effect was noted upon the heart ox gastrointestinal tract. Hydrochloric acid partly digests and loosens the middle sheath of the cellulose, so that the duodenal and pancreatic juices operate more readily on it.

(d) For atrophic pharyngitis the best formula is: Angina phlegmonosa invades the submucosa (Senator). The If the malady is allowed to advance, the patient's strength begins to fail.


The discharge of pus ceases, the gimis resume their normal color, the teeth tighten in their sockets, and the patient is able to use them more or less freely. If, for instance, artificial dermatitis of one hand or arm is followed not only by local extension, but also by appearance of the same lesion in the corresponding region on the other limb (as I can aver from personal experience), or in other parts untouched by the original irritant, no one could refuse to call the secondary eruption eczema whatever hypothesis might be framed to account for its appearance.

With small effusions the patient should be examined in the genupectoral position. Epidermoid type occurring in male smokers. The details with regard to this are given in the section on general syphilis.


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