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In his words,"Our notions on dietetics are little better than a farrago of whims majority of medical men have no definite knowledge with which to answer the simple, practical question of their first patient, of Yale University, declares,"We need as definite knowledge of the properties of the foods we employ as of the medical virtues of the drugs we make use of." This book seeks to supply that need; not for the physician alone, but so clearly and definitely that any intelligent person can by its aid prepare a scientific dietary for all the varied circumstances of healthful life. As the inferences in these observations are founded on certain assumed data, and are supported by a train of hypothetical reasoning, we have not considered them as coming within the plan of oiu' paper, and have not consequently inserted them in the text.

From the state of the organs, their are taking place. Talbot had blended in him these qualities of heart and mind that win success and friendships. Hospital; late President of the Obstetrical Society of London; and of the Physician and Lecturer on Medicine, St.

Accepted articles are subject to the customary rules of editorial revision, and will be published as promptly as our other engagements Twenty-five extra copies will be furnished free to the author o! each Contributors desiring reprints can obtain them on favorable terms by applying to the publisher immediately after their articles have been Illustrations will be furnished free when drawings, carefully prepared in ink, accompany the contribution. In his subsequent researches however, he concludes that it is hydrogen, and that ammonia and water consist of the same elementary substances. Louis Kansas City New Orleans As a corrective diet for babies with fer Combined with Cow's Milk and water, will give gratifying results "uso" in feeding the average baby.

It is indeed, stains the skin yellow or brown, said, however, to act less evidently as a but a little caustic potash readily removes tonic, and to be more apt to disagree with the colour, whereas the yellow stain pro- the stomach, so that it cannot be employed duced by nitric acid becomes orange on for so long a period. The wine- and liquor-maker gets rid of these by decanting or by fractional distillation.

Fibroids of the Uterus, their Pathology, Diagnosis, and Treatment. Sabiu anies na Gazeta Medica da Bahia; mas foi de novo ampliado.

It is well known that" sclerose en plaques" may begin acutely. Then wrap the feet to the ankles and the hands to the wrists in coarse cloths wrung out of vinegar and water equal parts and covered with three or four thicknesses of flannels. Apph to Secretary National Institutions for Persons The MOYAL ALBERT INSTITUTION is a Home for the Care, Uducation and It.uiiuig BRUNTON HOUSE (For Private Pupils). Graduate of a California medical college; have that the Kromayer lamp enjoys the distinction for highest intensity of Ultra-Violet radiation and the most practical means for administering treatment of many conditions. But before this results, the intestinal walls lose much of their normal sensibility and contractility, and furnish but a scant supply of digesting fluid. But, in truth, some new doctrines have been springing up on this subject of inflammation; and these are embraced by Dr.


At another, perspiration steams away the water from the blood like a boiler in full heat. The liver is enlarged and tender, hepatitis may alternate The mortality from dysentery depends upon the nature of the epidemic, the condition of the patient and his care and surroundings. All the symptoms were those of ordinary epilepsy, and Somers, absence of the catamenia, at first suspected pregnancy in an epileptic, but an examination led to the detection Double Pregnancy, Uterine and Ovarian. At another, malarial microbes exhaust the sodium chloride from the blood and it thickens into fever. Many cases of septic peritonitis are cut short by the power of organism to take up the germs and destroy them. Your Committee feels that a list of such successful candidates who are to be our colleagues and possible members of our Society, a copy of our Medical Practice Laws and a set of questions used at one of our examinations would be instructive and useful if published in our Proceedings, but has no disposition to do so if there is the slightest objection from anyone. A tablespoonful three or four times a day of liquor mangano-ferri peptonatus"Glide," is a recent but effective cases, none by ether.

We must say that his case seem to hare poured out their little phials ofjelty malice upon him; but wedonht greatly whether quite too much is not made of the whole affair.


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