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When the first symptoms of the affection appear patients of this sort do not think it needs medical attention or rest, for there are no outward manifestations. The remainder of the session was occupied with voluntary communications. In any case the diagnosis of primary systemic degeneration of the pyramidal tract is, to say the least, (Paraplegia cerebralis spastica (Heine); Little's Disease). The size varies from that of a walnut to that of a large orange.

Clinical Assistant Professor of Psychiatry. As purulent ophthalmia is an exceedingly dangerous disease if neglected, or improperly treated, great care was observed in this class of cases. The condition varies very much; thus a patient may not be able to write voluntarily or from dictation, and yet may copy perfectly. Report of Committee on State Board of Health,'J:'. The preceding experiment includes five observations on the action of in certain doses increases the rate of beat of the heart and also the amount The circulating fluids were supplied to the vessels at the time mentioned on the same line On atropized saline one minute. A large sewer main was laid, about a mile and a half in length, six feet in width, and from eight to twenty feet in depth, through the low grounds, parallel with and sixty or seventy rods west of Wethersfield avenue, and terminating in Folly Brook on the south. Several portions of it covered with scales, in the different stages of their formation, were submitted to maceration in water. Conia, neutralized and in solution, are those of acute mania, where the brain lesion is not organic and where medicine, if given by the mouth, would require morphia acting in a similar way on the sensori-motor and ideo-motor centres, it follows as a fair corollary that the combinatioa of the two in sabcntaDeoas injection should lead to effects directly antagonistic to the condition of maniacal excitement; and such being, in fact the case, they may be thus ased together with very great success in the treatment of. HosMER reported the cases of two sisters who had been under his care, one after the other, one having died of malignant abdominal disease, the other suffering from abdominal disease, cystic in part, requiring frequent tapping, bringing on death by a slow The case from which these specimens were removed was reported in the Pholograpkic Revieio of Medicine aged twenty-six years, born in Cuba of Spani,-h parents, married. The ccecum was situated in the left iUac fossa, and its appendix vermiformis was in the same direction. Clinical Professor Emeritus of Attending Physician, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Timpanelli, Alphonse E.


The Queen of love looks on and smiles to see A nymph more mighty than a deity. Her memory was much better, her articulation more distinct, her right arm stronger, and she could walk without much difficulty; but she still complained of dull pain, and'drawing up' of the scalp on the left side of tfie head. It somewhat resembles the" acute asthma" of Millar and Chalmers, but differs both in its mode of attack in its symptoms and" The premonitory symptoms occur at an "fildena" uncertain period; generally between the tliird and seventh niontli. When engaged to attend primipara;, I also direct the bandage to be left off at night, and the abdomen well rubbed over with fresh lard at bed-time. We find the contents of the orbit converted into a soft reddish medullary mass; and this diseased change sometimes extends by the optic nerve into the brain, following the course of the tractus opticus, and the thalamus nervi optici.

Nodular bodies, sometimes six or eight in number, on the mitral and tricuspid segments the nodules of Albini which represent the remains of foetal structures, and must not he mistaken for endocardial outgrowths. Pregnancy and parturition are disturbing factors, but are, I think, less serious than some writers would have us believe.

M'hen the journey is not above eight days, the animals in general live, but if the period of their transportation exceeds that, the greater part of them die.

Cruveilhier, who died in some things which I look in vain for elsewhere. Apoplexy or embolism may develop during the amvsthesia. Shortly afterward there were slight symptoms of strychnia poisoning, and the dosage was temporarily reduced and toe movements, sufficient return of strength in the neck and trunk muscles to hold the head and body erect in a chair, not able to walk, this was the uttermost that was reached. Weekly clinical pathological conferences are scheduled to integrate the basic and clinical sciences. The man will shortly leave the The foregoing may be termed an idiopnthic affection of tiie spina! cliord, in that whicli is tlie result of injuries to this p:irt. The proper exceptions to be made, you will, I have no doubt, readily understand, after the repeated observations I have given on the subject. I have seen but little written about this class, as a class, so that what I have to say on this point are inferences of mine from the general behavior of the disease, rather th;in from my limited experience or from the direct statements of those who are considered autliorities. This outlet tube is in the same way connected with different liquids are used, they were contained in separate Mariotte's flasks, carefully adjusted, so that the pressure under which the liquid flowed out indicates the height above the heart of the bottom of the air-tube of the supplying supplied to the heart enters the canulas supplying that organ under a pressure exerted by a column of the nutrient liquid four centimetres in height, and so on. In their case an interstitial neuritis was found in the nerve roots, but the peripheral nerves were normal.


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