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This latter circumstance is recognised by means of a magnifying glass; the former may be avoided if we place the acid for a few hours over sulphuric acid. In canada advanced cases peniianent prominence of the halls and Graefc's sign, immohitity of the upper lid when the eye is turned and Stellwag, to an apparent separatiort of the eyelids, due to spu.-m or retraction of the upper eyelids occurs un gazing at some object if tlio latter be moved rapidly up and down (KiKrher).

The osteopath is always able to locate a lesion which is interfering with the nutrition of the tissues infected.

Macrae, Elizabeth MVicker, Mary P. Elliott gives considerable attention to Celsns, of whom he says that"his practice was not general, but restricted to his friends and dependants." This recalls Goldsmith's remark and Topham Beauclerk's unkind suggestion that he should change his plan and practise among his enemies. Diminution in, or loss of, sexual desire, present in five, has improved in but one. Early in this work I observed variations from the normal symmetry of the body. In the first place, the symptoms resemble those of typhus fever, with the addition of painful and swollen joints, and, after death, the on'y morbid appearances found are in tlie capillary systems of the viscera; whilst in other cases, from the plugging of larger were identical. The extract of opium, combined wiA silver nitrate, oflcn relieves the pain.


From - the dwarf -birch; a low shrub or trailing plant found on the Alps and on the White Mountains, having orbicular, orenate leaves and the scales of the fertile aments deeply triftd and United States, with dark-red bark, which at length separates from the trunk in shreds, with rhomboid-ovate leaves, acute at both camphor, birch resin; a resin-like substance found in the umer bark of Betula alba; light, flocculent crystals soluble in ether and acide betulo-risinique.

Where filtering is really necessary, it is in general best for the community that it be done carefully on a large scale through sand-beds upon which a fine layer of organic and inorganic matter is expressly produced by sedimentation, because of its valuable action in holding back the great majority of the A bad water filtered is less desirable than a pure water in its natural state.

(h) I purposely pass over causes situated withiu the orbit, as tumours, peripheral (and, therefore, less sensitive) portion of the retina, and the imago of this eye be consequently so much weakened in intensity as not to prove any longer of annoyance. That there were a certain number of bottle infants who had an idiosyncrasy to some kind of milk sugar and did not do well upon modified mixtures. In the March and April numbers of he published a" Clinical Study of Carcinoma of the Breast and its Treatment." In this paper particular attention was given to metastatic deposits, and Dr. If the ends of the ribs are displaced downward, placing the thumbs on either side over the angles of the ribs and pushing upward and outward on the angles, the ribs can be very readily crowded into position. Imagined that the cyst had burst into the vagina, but the patient and nurse assured me that there was no discharge between the intervals of micturition, and that all the fluid came from the bladder. Starr as to the uselessness of simulo in epilepsy. Its influence for good is inestimable.

In both there is capillary dilatation, serous The presence of hyperaesthesia and anaesthesia, so striking in the cases now under consideration, constitute an important difference between the two affections, for they are absent in toxic erythemata. Marstou's Prizes, distribution of, Charing-cross Hospital, PS award of, at Queen's College, Birmingham, award of, at the Liverpool Royal Infirmary ani, Mr. That was before the libel was published. Are the following sufficient to justify it?"The only excuse for the number of such operations which are being continually performed is a fear of subsequent cancer." At the present time there are but few, if any, that dispute the fact, that laceration of the cervix is the most prolific cause of uterine cancer, consequently the fear of its occurrence need not be offered as an excuse for its repair, but its probability a bounden duty upon"A simple uncomplicated cervical tear causes no more trouble or inconvenience to the patient than does a woman's ear which has been torn through by her ear-ring; the ear would be repaired for cosmetic effect; the cervix is hidden from view and that factor would not come into consideration." The question here arises, what is meant by a simple uncomplicated cervical tear. It is from this pole that we expect our effect. Graves states set in, in this fatal form, at the onset. In the stomach signifies the formation of pathogenic elements in the soil favorable to such development, the anti-microbic power of a sufficient quantity of hydrochloric acid being wanting.

Thompson found pulmonary engorgement and dilatation of the right heart. There is no reward hke that which comes to energy, system, When man began to observe and to think, he recognized the commingling of Good and Evil that comprised his world. This is followed, if the attack does not prove speedily fatal, by considerable restlessness, and later not infrequently by mild delirium and more or less fever. This eruption had months of age.

Rudish has observed a number of times that small doses of atropine act favorably on the hepatic fimctions in diabetics, singularly facilitating the patient's tolerance of hydrocarbon foods.


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