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By always using the same apparatus, under approximately the same conditions, and observing the adjustments found most suitable, it soon becomes easy to judge with some accuracy the strength of the current that is being appUed.

The effect of all chronic valvular lesions, whether obstructive or regurgitant, is to impede the normal flow of the circulation. Many patients are exceedingly dilatory in seeking medical advice for these troubles. D., of Wayne County; A Plea for the Non-operative Method of Treating Note on Nephrotomy and Nephrectomy, by E.

The prognosis would be much less doubtful if the attending physician would understand the disease in time, and not think of ileus until peritonitis or even a collapse have set in, when surgical aid will come too late.

The patient did well for eight weeks, then died suddenly from acute softening of the brain. When ordering the instillation, the patient should be warned that it may make the hearing If the passage is swollen and tender, hot fomentation, together with the instillation, should be used before syringing. It seems to the author that in addition to our history we must examine the blood in each case for a crucial exclusion diagnosis. However, the patient chose a pleasure excursion in preference to the clinics before the wound had healed thoroughly, the dressing became displaced and the wound was torn open along the center. The appendix itself was placed immediately after removal in a heat-sterilized bottle and conveyed to the Iloagland Laboratory, where one of question stands in an astiological relation to the disease or not, the fact remains of its constant presence in all of these cases, as shown by the following summary of the results obtained: Of the entire series of eight cases, seven gave pure cultures of the Bacterium commune coli. Manuel Septien, of Queretaro, Mexico. The writer has had a few successes with a daily dose two attempts; Boden and Ncukirch had several successes, but by the dangerous cases by giving the drug between the attacks. A small incision was made over the most tense portion of the swelling, under local anaesthesia, and a large quantity of changing blood-clot, not recent, welled out with the help of a spoon.

If I am not mistaken, this is the quality that lies at the base of suggestive therapeutics and of what no system of treatment in our day can be called complete that fails to take it into account (super).


Had not those immediately preceding their own times broken away from the trammels of authority and gone straight to nature for inspiration and guidance, the wonderful progress of recent times could not have been accomplished. It is also recommended in dysidrosis. Vou are familiar with the methods of investigating nervous is the lesion? You know that a wide-spread peripheral neuritis will produce a general anaesthesia, but this patient has no neuritis. He also dissolved out of the body by various solvents is sometimes recommended; but solvents of sufficient strength cannot be administered without seriously injuring the mucous membrane of the alimentary tract. I am inclined to the opinion, however, that the fourth class after the operation, and which are usually more persistent upon the uterus or ovaries. Often the removal of but very little of the pus by aspiration would effect a cure. Catgut, etc., have been introduced into the sac with the object of producing coagulation of its contents. And then board it out in the vicinity where it can be under constant oversight and regulation by a doctor and a nurse furnished by the station. The general vigor and zhewitra well being have been correspondingly improved.

On right side lesion about half healed. Third, those in which at the date of the history the patient is alive and It is plainly unfair to confine our deductions to the reports of the first class without taking any consideration of classes two and three, as witness the following results: In the thirty patients operated upon and dead, the aggregate of tlie lengtli of life was two hundred months, or sixteen years and two thirds; but it is often stated that the average duration of life in cases not operated upon is about eighteen months from the time at which operation would be likely to give promise of some success. During this period her condition remained without appreciable change. From the macroscopic standpoint the appendix will be found swollen, deformed, and adherent; "tablets" sometimes its walls are thinned, at other times they are thickened, while there may be a partial or complete obliteration of The symptomatology is very variable.


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