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The lateral cartilages extend backwards and outwards from the united in front with the expanded cream terminations of the extensor tendon, and by cellular membrane with the lower end of the os coronas. Jessett spoke of one in which the appendix was"attached to the stump of an old operation" and"agreed with Dr. A Monthly Journal of Medicine and Surgery. Our material is evidently the whole world, with all the giant forces impelling it on its yearly circuit, lighting, heating, and supporting its myriad forms of life and ruling their Where shall we find a guide in this complexity? How shall we choose between necessary and unnecessary knowledge? In theory it seems impossible to draw any line, and one never knows at what moment a new department may become essential; but, in practice, v this very possibility has suggested the course which has been followed, namely, the attempt that has been made to gain a knowledge of those laws which up to the present time have been adapted to practical pharmacy needs.

The revelation was astounding, and practically reduced the system of treating disease by drugs to such a minimum, that the drug trade ceased virtually to exist. At five sittings three and three fourths gallons of fluid were withdrawn teaspoonful every three hours, has much relieved the spasmodic cough; conditions in general seem to be improving. But we have a means, and the only means, of establishing our diagnosis; and, while, I would not have you neglect the physical examination in all its details, nor discard the symptoms and history of the case, it is upon the needle we must depend to make a positive diagnosis of pus in the pleural cavity. The number of tappings, including the two aspirations, was in all thirty-eight, and the quantity of fluid removed by this means of treatment amounted After each tapping the patient was always better, and was often able to go out of doors, especially in warm weather. It may be distinguished from ozena by the purple color of the lining membrane, and by the transparency and freedom from smell In the second stage, the discharge increases in quantity, and though still watery and transparent, it is slightly sticky, indicating the presence of mucus (canadian).


If his patient is in labor, and is attacked with violent pain, heat and throbbing of the head, which is greatly increased by her uterine pains, the cerebral excitement becoming intense, followed by furious delirium or convulsions, then he should deliver at once, and treat her for ordinary convulsions, which is but another form of this same class of difficulties.

This is of course simply making a man with defective entrance training take a five years' After the technical school has done its full duty by a young man his education is only begun; he must spend years in contact with practice before he can attain that ripeness of judgment which will enable him to say of engineering schemes, this is right and that is wrong; before he can reach his full power as an engineer.

Four weeks after the operation the thyroid gland became swollen and tender. A solution of the sulphate of eserine, one grain to an ounce of water, dropped into the eyes every six hours is quite sufficient to maintain a very close pupil and thus cut out the light and stimulate the circulation in the sluggish vessels in the neighborhood of the ulcer, which is an all-important matter in such cases. Knecht refers to the case given in The medico-legal objections to cremation have been met by Dr. As a gargle, in the chronic form of cynanche tonsillaris, it is often serviceable, in solution; about one ounce of the salt to nine fluidounces of water, and one of alcohol, is of convenient strength. The peduncles are furnished with minute, acute bracts. It is a source of congratulation to the surgeons of this country that the statistics above quoted are made up almost exclusively of foreign material. The ophthalmoscope showed chronic glaucoma, with deep cupping of the optic nerve. D'Arcy Power, in his article on"Cancer and Cancer Houses," contributes some curious observations on the remarkable manner in which the disease is distributed, and the way it seems to cling to certain spots and groups of buildings irrespective of their size and age. There is a rich collection in materia medica and botany. Inasmuch as stone is a fairly frequent cause of hydronephrosis, we must distinguish between the obstruction by stone which causes dilatation of the kidney and the obstruction by stone which causes anuria.


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