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It is but too often we find that a definite pathological lesion in one patient will produce a certain train of symptoms, only to find in another patient with the same lesion a chain of symptoms of a very different character altogether. Liquid food as it could be taken, especially milk punch and There could now be little doubt that the patient had air as well as tluid in the pericardial sac. And in every column, in like manner, the female portion of the table gives the same or a similar excess of the viscera above the normal standard; whilst, on both sides of the table, and in the case of every organ, the life averages for morbus cordis exceed those for other diseases not complicated with disease of the heart. General Plan: The Resorts are grouped according to their countries, each article showing' the route and price from London, its Topography and Climatology, Springs and indications. Unfortunately, most of the polysaccharides contained in commercial heparin preparations are not active in inhibiting coagulation. Ladureede la sclerose est longue, multi-annuelle. He action, and, therefore, when the cord is cut, its action is out of the question. Other parts of this section are taken up with reviews of the literature on pleurisy and other lung affections, and various diseases of the heart and arteries. Resolved, That for the purposes here mentioned, an external sanitary police is desirable in all great maritime and river towns, but that such sanitary regulations need not seriously embarrass commercial intercourse and the interests of trade. Campbell contends was developed, and named and gentlemanly bearing, and would hardly undertake to establish a claim which was not well founded.


After an interval of five to ten minutes, during which the pain did not cease, and under considerable straining, perscription a weak stream of urine appeared. Ic doci la vie en coriimun aurait pu, par elle seule, favoriser la transmission njoints: Dans le cas de transmission entre epoux, insister sur les survivant, devenu malade a son tour, a-t-il partage le lit, la chambre elle part faut-il faire aux fatigues, aux Amotions, k la vie confinSe, a la sposition, dans le developpement de la tuberculose chez Tepoux sur nnaissez-vous des cas oii une personne, en dehors de toute parente, s malades atteints de phthisie laryngde, buccale, linguale ou pharyngee, lent-ils transmeltre plus facilement la tuberculose autour d'eux? tuberculose transmise a-t-elle une marche plus rapide que d'ordinaire? une nourrice phthisique? Quels ctaient en ce cas le regime I'hygiene generate de Fenfant, les autres causes auxquelles on Connaissez-vous des cas ou un groupe de personnes aurait aliments? Quelles Ctaient dans ces cas les conditions heredity dont ii a fait preuve dans Taccomplissement de ses fonctions c Mutations dans les services des ndpiTAux M. The proceedings, which were of a most interesting character, were witnessed by a number of the Fellows of the College, as well as by the members of the Council. The illustrations alone make it valuable. Further research on twenty-eight jDcrsons demonstrated Inconstancy of Salicylic Medication in Articular Rheumatism. More exquisite still; by feeling the hands of different persons, and those persons afterward handing her a piece of money, she would, and did repeatedly, tell from whose hand h came. The idea of putting the essential information of the pharmacopeia in so small a compass is claimed to be original with the publishers, under whose direction the little work was compiled. The pain and distention does not become enough to waken him until he has slept for some hours, and consequently on awakening, his bladder is fuller than usual on account of the length of time which has passed since the last urination. The railway authorities were also requested to adopt precautions for the isolation of the boys as far as possible in separate carriages during their journey. Those political causes to which we have alluded as tending to diminish the distance between our pre-existing social extremes, whereby the medical profession lost its claim to legislative protection, have already produced the signs of a growing national homogenity, by fusing and re-casting into an American mould the various elements of which the nation is Among these materials, so readily amalgamated, which by their youth, energy and plasticity, give us our national character and national manners, there are some which need to be brought under the hammer of the forge, as well as the heat of the furnace, before they can be welded into the social mass. In infantsMfe treatment lasted five minutes each time; in without the" Smabouts," ten minutes.

After the attack the patient may suffer from diplopia, dysphasia, amnesia, or vertigo. Hence, in spite of the destruction of the tubercular kidney, the patient hardly ever dies from uraemia, because the other kidney can carry out the work of urinary depuration. The drug is effective in both classic and common migraines, regardless of the time it is administered during the attack.

This is no delusion, but a demonstrative fact, sustained by incontestable proof from all parts of the country.' despond.


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