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This symptom, however, may also be absent in some cases. The Alumni and friends of the university all over the land may rejoice at this action of its trustees. The interlobular arteries show marked hyperplastic sclerosis, usually in the form of sub-endothelial proliferation. Finally, the physician himself may, especially if he is a busy country practician, be so absolutely worn out and weary that it is an impossibility for him to read and study, while he would be glad to read some medical literature if it were presented in a For all these, and for other contingencies, the popular and semipopular books on medical topics which are being published more and more frequently may be of value, provided they are written by the right men and The Bookworm at this moment has before him a number of such books, which afford a wealth of information presented in a sufficiently simple manner to be intelligible to thinking patients, and yet written so interestingly that ex'en we physicians may well profit from their reading and may use them to refresh our memories or to prepare our talks to patients, nurses, or before public gatherings. 30 - more complete asepsis is ensured by discarding rubber tubes and joints. Straightforward, plain-spoken, honest, he never failed to express an A short time before his death he said to those around him that if it was the Lord's will that he should go, he would be satisfied, and declared a firm and fearless hope in Jesus Christ as his The death-roll of the North Carolina medical profession has been marked with the names of some of the leading men of the guild in the past few years, and it is with sorrow that we chronicle the demise of Dr. Whence this all-pervading worship of foul, ill-smelling drugs? We throw into the vitals of mankind roots and herbs and seeds, liquors and gums and oils, sodas and zincs and leads, poisons and counter-poisons, and expect, somehow, to see evolved the charm of perfect cure." After show ing by statistics that the use of drugs was enormous and on the increase, he continued:" What feeling of pulses and sounding of ribs, analyzing of fluids, grouping of symptoms, pausing and weighing and doubting, go with all these figures! What rasping of drugs in the apothecaries' pots, rolling of pills, swishing of liquids! The drowsy nurse fumbles at vials, while the clock ticks drearily, and the sick man stares at the ceiling and groans at the trooping phantasmagoria of his mind! What hard-earned money is swallowed up for his dismal potions before he swallows them! Drugs help us to a certain extent, but we have found a more powerful magic in mountain air and rolling seas, gay converse, riding, driving, wheeling, rowing, and travel. In one there was ulceration of the right ventricular band, and in one ulceration on the left vocal cord. After a careful study of these cases, the following young adults who are anemic and very that is to say, with a high temperature and a very rapid pulse, with the abdomen greatly distended, and with great rigidity of the recti muscles, the patient as a rule did not appear to be as ill as the symptoms would indicate. In the cross sections of some of the nerves, moreover, the endoneurium is free, and the narrow lines of carcinoma cells are confined to the circular clefts, proving that extension by the lymph -spaces is taking place in advance of that in the endoneurium (mg). Ants are quite susceptible to the action of Insect Powder, and if it be freely and persistently used will destroy them. For these and other reasons I urge a liberal allowance of beds without as well as an out-patient department. The cornea was incised down to the membrane of Descemet, and an effort at extraction was made with Gruening's magnetic probe.

The presence of blood and protein in the urine does not affect the test. This appliance acts as a light poultice and promotes local sw-eating and also a timely development of the tumefaction, which usually is followed by great relief.

When the Northwestern boys were here, representatives were called upon from the different states and from the foreign countries, and some beautiful little speeches were made. By William Lincoln Ballenger, M.

They are not absolutely prohibited from practice, but they should beware of its temptations. The greatest expense connected with the trade is the cost of advertising, which frequently reaches one-half the amount realized; that is, it takes fifty cents' worth of advertising to sell one dollar's worth of goods.

While using strong currents of air twenty-five to thirty-five pounds as registered by the gauge, through the catheter, aided by the autoscope, one can hear bubbling in the middle ear, which finally gives way to a clear blowing sound, an'd you have cleared tion.


This results in a diminished resistance and improved circulation, which account for the good effect in stenocardia. When he settled in of Upper Canada.

These laymen were then interrogated as to what they had observed, and in some instances, characterized tbe acts to which they testified as rational or irrational. Ttle, and the name" Syrup of Figs" as well as the name of the California Fig Syrup Company is printed on In writing to advertisers, kindly mention this Journal. At the present day the laity, through the medium of advertisements, have the subject of the blood brought prominently to their notice. Stevenson opposed the administration of morphine in such large doses, as being dangerous. The chief lansoprazole element of danger is renal infection, and the authors have tried to eliminate this by administering mixed colon vaccines during the periods of preliminary preparation. A clean gastrointestinal tract will do much in avoiding autotoxemia, and gives a clean mucosa from which medicinal remedies may be readily absorbed. Peptonized milk, and beef tea, are extremely valuable additions to the diet of the typhoid fever patient.


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