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AVhen placed on the table in the Dispensary, it was evident something was wTong inside the head. (Laughter and cheers.) He would conclude by saying to each boy' tire raleque,' and to the the afternoon an excellent dejtuner was served in the dininghall.

After the tumor was out we then took off another several centimeters of coracobrachialis muscle superiorly from the tumor.

He modestly e-xpresses his"hopes that junior Practitioners will also find the work useful to them, especially the third part, as forming a manual of practical hygiene, from which some assistance may be rendered to theii' patients in think, be deceived in this hope; and we think, also, that many a Practitioner may be glad to leani from it a lesson in the art of explaining scientific subjects in clear and simple"We cannot say that we agree with all that he says; but as himself expect to find that all Jledical men agree with him. Crofton, in" Men of the Day," handles Man born of woman is of few days and no teeth, and indeed it would be money in his pocket sometimes if he had less of either. This heating is to decompose the last traces of nitrate and chlorate. The numbness, sharp darting pains, loss of reflex, and lack of coordination are Like lead and mercury, arsenic is capable of causing tremor, but. They look upon it as derogatory to the best interests of the profession and contrary to the conditions of the profession, and anybody who does online that can be very severely dealt with. To this state is due the hemorrhage which is so generally present in There is development of connective tissue and blood-vessels, (endo-metritis fungosa) or one portion growing faster than another, compression of the veins occurs, resulting in hemorrhage. For the last two months the attacks of colitis have recurred with increasing frequency until the last two weeks, since when he has had from eight to ten stools a day, accompanied by much tenesmus. That remaining in the filtrate may be recovered by displacement with more alcohol and ether. It has been given to destroy the remaining hearing power, so as to check the tinnitus and dizziness. The adjacent portion of the uterus was necrotic. Place both graduates on white paper in a good light and titrate the latter (blank) solution A SIMPLE PROCEDURE FOR THE PREPARATION OF COLLOIDAL GOLD FOR DIAGNOSTIC PURPOSES The first attempts to prepare colloidal gold in the St. Place the animal under ether anesthesia; remove the hair from chest by shaving; and disinfect skin with tincture of iodine. In the one jar there is bichromate of potash in gelatine above, with pure gelatine below; and in the other cochineal in gelatine above and pure gelatine below: the bichromate difiuses whilst the cochineal The same laws of diffusion modified by pressure determine in the body the passage of substances from the fimnel into the circulation, and from the circulation into the tissues or ducts, and from the tissues back through, the absorbents to The circulation must not be regarded as the stem of a tree curled round on itself, but rather as a series of circles formed root. But, we protest, this is a limited conception of the use of the psychiatric consultation.

The fundus of the sac was nicked upward and the opening enlarged with the fingers.


In the group of School life is to a certain extent an artificial one for the growing child, whose normal growth depends considerably on its muscular activity. Neither ia all the carbonate prescription of lime got rid of in this way.


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