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On Thursday he attended the meeting of the College Council, and on Sunday evening he dined with his aged father and mother. It is incidents like this one that cause us to be filled with angry impatience when people say that the. Was seized with convulsions on March oOth. The entrances to the clinic were decorated with flowers, and bis working cabinet was almost transformed into a garden. She also showed marked mind blindness, with intact general intelligence.


There is no doubt that erttptiona indistinguishable from those of scarlatina and measles, appear in many cases of variola; but whether the presence of such eruptions, which are but one symptom, constitute evidence upoB plication of small-pox. The cases of lead-palsy in children which are quoted by Putnam are, first, that of a girl of eight years, reported in the Lancet, who suffered from paralysis of all four extremities, from the use of Sheffield drinking-water; and a similar case which was related by Seligmiiller, who credits it to H. The act under which these trustees are appointed empowers them to purchase land and erect buildings lor a home to hold not less than three hundred children, officers, employees and attendants, and to furnish and equip the same at a the approval of the governor and council.

In a large majority of cases prostatectomy might be completed through a perineal incision.

The child had drunk grew steadily worse and was sent to the hospital.

The wldition of fat naceous food is added to such a diet, the urea is rather diminished. Little by little, however, Dr. Over the whole cardiac half the mucous membrane was thickened in the form of blackish emphysematous elevations, some of which were confluent and others circumscribed; while over the pyloric half the mucous membrane appeared smooth and pale. It is rarf ly found congenitully, and then affects tho anterior part of the mg skull.

Laryngoscopic examination shows partial injection and swelling of the vocal processes, of the inter- arytenoid region and the cartilages of of the mucous membrane and not seldom paresis of the muscles. Soon the arms become affected in a similar manner, and here the paralysis may first affect either the extensors or the flexors. The Royal Botanic Gardens of Edinburgh have now been thrown open to the public on Sundays. A cure, however, by surgical treatment, especially if hysterectomy is required, is and must remain exceptional. This explains why the course of the colon is very often found to be abnormal, and to present many flexures in people who have long suffered from habitual coprostasis. These are the cases which, at least for myself, have most frequently presented difficulties in diagnosis. The koosso may be given in the convenient form, recommended by Rosenthal,' of compressed balls or discs which are coated with gelatine, which hides the taste and smell of the medicine. C, stated that he had noted marked improvement in cases in which defibrinated blood had been injected per rectum.

The physical examination of the parts showed that the skin covering the region was smooth. Herman that removal of the ovaries was a matter of indifference; nor with Jlr, Doran that ligaturing the tubes was probably more dangerous than removal of the would be quite time to deprecate ligature of the tubes when harm followed.

It.seemed probable that the resistance of organs against other proteolytic enzymes than trypsin could be increased in an analogous manner. Among cases with spinal symptoms, mesenteric tuberculosis must be dififerentiated from Pott's disease, aneurism of the abdominal aorta, cancer, osteoarthritis, osteomyelitis, and other inflammatory diseases around the spine. Well-known objects were often wrongly named. For its 100 production an undue softness (if the bone appears to be necessary, together with tlie occurrence of pressure, either from within or from without. If, therefore, we consider the functions of the sympathetic system of nerves as a whole, we find that it has to do with the degree of contraction of the pupil; with the calibre of the bloodvessels generally; with the activity of all the glandular organs; with the movements of all the hollow viscera, and gland-ducts; and possibly in some special manner with the nutrition of all the tissues. Thus the patient to be brought under the influence of Opium should be kept sufficiently warm, and in a recumbent poritioD. George Hanover Square, Stepney, Kensington, Lambeth, Westminster, and St.

The object of this operation was to make a new acetabulum for the reception of the head of the femur, and Hoffa claimed that as the acetabulum was always the thickest portion of the bone, there was no danger of perforation in curetting out this new acetabulum.


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