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It has been my good fortune to have had the privilege of examining a large number of specimens of urine, drawn from the separate kidneys by the ureteral catheter, in practically all the different pathological forms of renal and pelvic conditions.

Of the Znol'jgist makes known the interesting fact that only exist on the rock of Gibraltar.

The game lasted about twenty minutes, and he was quite as lively at the end spoke all that was necessary. To produce these effects it seems to be necessary to have at least I'OO per cent, actually found in close rooms.

By Edward Ellis, M.D., Physician to the Victoria Hospital an outline of those online diseases to which children are liable.

The position of the epiglottis was normal; the opening of the larynx was free. The conjunctiva of the left eye and lachrymal sac became inflamed on the ninth day, and on the eleventh day there was divergent strabismus of that eye, which lasted for a week. As pointed out by Weber, he also found that the sensibility of the hand increases from the base towards the extremity; but the Author exhibits this fact by accurate numbers, and demonstrates not onlv the increase but also the rate of increase on each surface and border of the hand and of each finger separately.

It was pointed out in a previous article that the matter of the expediency of using a particular food preservative calls for the consideration of three factors: The present paper has to do with the first of these factors in regard to sulphurous acid and the sulphites, namely, are these substances in food themselves directly The attitude of the physician as such has to do in this connection with only the question of health.

At the time that C directs strong pressure against B's knees, O attempts to pull apart the tuberosities and push medially and backward It is often helpful to place a small hard pillow under the lumbar area as low as the -base of the sacrum, to assist in forcing This movement brings out the fact that in an articulation it is often possible to use either bone of that joint as the power arm IV.

Contains an account of some accidents after fracture due to an excess or deficiency of callus.

He frequently repeats the word' Durner,' which sometimes seems to be intended for Doctor, but at other his own initials well and correctly;' Not your own name, this thing before the name?' meaning Dr or Professor; he looked at examine any Licentiate, previously to his admission to a Fellowship, a sentence wliich I will read to you from this book: I will first read it to you without inten-uption so that you may understand the tenor of it, and then slowly word by word as you write it,' This I did, and after pronouncing a word slowly and distinctly, I waited until he looked towards me inquiringly for another. Brett, Surgeon, dedicated to the Apostle of England are restored, and converted into a college for the educating of Church of England missionaries to the heathen. Koons, MD, Madison by Daniel T. New York Medical Journal, Americal Journal of the Med- LEUBE, VON. After she reached the hospital a blood count was made with the very marked trace of albumin, a fey hyaline and granular casts, some pus and no sugar. We cannot then follow any precise rules.

It is certainly time that all this confusion should cease. Watson's statement of the physiognomical signs, and apply it to the cases of phthisis we have had under observation since the Session began, and you will find that you can make little of it practically. McAvoy, MD, Waukesha Charles E. The driver objected, and the arresting officer informed him that restraint would be used if necessary. The low specific gravity of the urine is distinctive, but the exclusion of that disease is rendered positive by the negative result of testing the urine for the presence of sugar. In syrup, the greater part was lost. With regard to renal disease as a cause of death alter lithotomy, unquestionably its influence was very great, but there was itself a most important element as bearing on the success of the proceeding.


It seems to make no difference in the minds of these opponents when you bring to them endless examples of the blessing vaccination has conferred on communities and nations. Of the joints resulted from affections of the spinal cord. Found that the patient had been dead for three-quarters of an hour. The power of doing work possessed by the steam-engine is derived from the coal, through various stages, by its burning in the furnace. The increase of mortality from scorbutic diseases is too steady and obvious to be accidental; it points to a deficiency in the alimentation of the people which should draw upon it the attention of the political economist. In attempting to assess individual studies of therapy, and especially in trying to compare different studies, one must consider the question of disease stratification and sampling. Chloroform accidents have a remote analogy to railway accidents.


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