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TINNIMENTUM METALLICUM, (from tinnio,'to tinkle,') Tintemeni -mitallique. With this there is usually more or less spastic weakness of the legs. Erectafil - a term employed by Paracelsus to designate certain diseases which he TARTAR'IC ACID, Ac"idnm tartar'ictim seu tartaro'sum seu tar'tari essentia'le, A'cor tartar'icus, Sal tar'tari essentia'le, Tarta'reous ac"id, sulph. Scattered haemorrhages are not unfrequent in the acute infectious fevers, and I have twice, in malignant small-pox, seen much effusion. This mitochondrial injury is probably primary in all tissues and is responsible for hypoglycemia, hyperammonemia, and the cytotoxic and interstitial cerebral edema. No toxic action has been observed in these cases of operation. Therefore let homoeopaths see to it that the bill be so framed as to secure absolute freedom of therapeutic opinion, to its remotest The reasonable and just attitude of homoeopathy on the question of State regulation of the practice of medicine seems to us admirably set forth in the petition unanimously adopted by the Boston Homoeopathic Medical Society at its March meeting, and given in full in the report of that meeting, printed in our present issue. Those that do produce disease are found particularly where the discharges of diseased animals have been alloAved to collect and dry.

THE LIVERPOOL SCHOOL OF TROPICAL MEDICINE. In children the most common combination is aortic and mitral insufficiency. Covenant toucl,ing land in of the Council of Trent; translated by Papafaua (Roberto), Abbate. Cialis - a methodical pressure exerted by the hand on a hernial tumour, for the purpose of reducing it. I have known a rather absent doctor tell the patient to put out his tongue several times in the course of a few minutes' medical conversation. The eruption was markedly absent from the face, only one small patch on the lower lip above the chin being The appearance of the eruption, the marked cerebrospinal symptoms, and the history of the attack at once recalled to mind the cases of epidemic cerebrospinal meningitis which I had seen at the Meath smallpox, and accordingly he was removed without delay to the non-infectious fever ward in the fever hospital. On post-mortem examination the valves may be quite healthy, the aorta smooth, and no extensive arterio sclerosis or renal disease. It is analogous to that drawn up for the production I. He recognizes the fact, although he may be unable to explain its rationale. ' And this, not from a transcendental and debateable point of view, but from the simple effect on the minds of Everything on his own subject that he wrote is good.

We consider his recommendations as to the prophylactic treatment to be well worthy of kdal. VASCULAR'ITY, Vascular' itas, (F.) Vascularity The state of being vascular, or largely VASCULUM, (dim. This may apply to children of ten to twenty months, but in infants of, say, three months it aggravates pain and has no counterbalancing advantage.

Although complaints may be made of the rate at which people are gratuitously seen and dismissed, the out-patient hospital physician, in fact, seldom misses an important case of actual disease, while of his real use to the poor there can be no question whatever. This consists in the diminution of the activity of the poison by the addition of a chemical substance; but instead of using iodine, Calmette preferred the hypochlorites of sodium or calcium, in very dilute solution, one part in sixtv. Following a similar line of investigation, Pernice and Pollaci made the repeated observation that, if dogs were inoculated with a bacilli was inoculated after an experimental and more or less complete anuria was established, when, during the time that the bacteria existed in the body, the functions of the kidneys were destroyed or forty-eight hours after the inoculation, at a time when it is easy to differentiate from death due to ur?emic poisoning; the existence of the pathogenic bacteria in the body is of brief duration, for they disappear very quickly. Thrombi may be found in the ventricles. Their delusions, illusions and hallucinations, their restlessness and excitability, and their moroseness and secretiveness subvert ordinary physical sensations.


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