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Its place in the treatment of rheumatism has been much criticised, and said to be very limited on account of its weakening power over the heart, which forbids its employment when there is cardiac failure.


Walking, therefore, should not be allowed, unaided, until the mu.seles have regained power enough to perform their functions The problem of muscle fatigue is a very important one, and one of the hardest to prevent: 60. It breathes a new air of awakened intelligence. My sixth experiment, however, in the communication referred to, appears to me to be a crucial one, proving the correctness of my explanation, and I am not aware that it has been before Another point of great interest connected with the physiology of vision, and involved for a long time in great obscurity, is that of the adjustment of the eye to different distances. There seems to be little or none of it amongst savages; and we could not suppose that God had specially willed and ordained for the highest of His creatures, that they should undergo an inevitable operation on the venr threshold of their existence, such risk and evil as fall to the lot or no others.

Richelot, in relating a case, says he has found"no difficulty in separating the hernial sac from the cord, even when there is great thickening of the former. There was a superficial and quite extensive epithelioma of about the size of a large hickory nut It had Detroit for treatment to my illustrious preceptor years of age, stated that death was preferable to a cutting operation. To a similar conclusion point the results of landed after being driven from their homes near Antioch because of Turkish oppression: erectafil.

The connection between the science of life and that of intimate structure on the one hand, and composition on the other, is illustrated in the titles of two recent works Let me briefly recapitulate a few of our acquisitions in Physiology, due in large measure to our new instruments and methods of research, and at the same time indicate the limits which form the permanent or the temporary boundaries of our knowledge. The milk has produced alarming symptoms in man and dogs. A polypus was removed from her rectum while in the hospital; and she was discharged relieved.

Even blistering the sacrum at this period of life is often attended with success. If no fracture is present there is a primary detachment of the dura mater, which is but loosely attached to the bone in the temporal region (Tillaux). From the point of view of infection, the danger-spots are the small channels running through fields. Acute stage of the constitutional symptoms the gonorrhoea; discharge in the present attack followed two years since, one year since from gonorrhoea. As I could not reach it with my finger, I introduced a large into a good light, I instructed the father to make pressure upward on both sides of the throat, and, using a large tongue depressor, I could get a glimpse of the catch part of the pin. He has published a full account of his success with this medicine on Mr.

The Faradic Current has been highly spoken of, but more extended experience is required to stamp it as an effective remedy in organic angina pectoris, but in functional forms it may be useful, but the drug, which in the author's hands has the most successful in properly chosen cases has been a"tabloid" made by Messrs. The microscope comes in to make the diagnosis absolute, by exhibiting the peculiar fungus and the diseased hairs. Bampfield cured every case by means of blisters on the temples, and aperient medicines, this practice is now generally preferred. The sudden appearance and disappearance of murmurs are often observed, and a murmur may be made to vanish in a few minutes by light gymnastics. If this move is made at all, it should be to extend legal aid to all physicians, in danger of civil or criminal litigation, who are in good standing.


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