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This was again ciu-ed with simple treatment, and he continued well a long time. His report was referred to the Committee Dr. A review of dermatological lesions and tumors susceptible to roentgen therapy is given, together with methods and dosage calculation of treatments.

This is heated by hot-water and ventilated by tall chimneys of large size, containing smoke-flues to create a current. Text- book tablets of Practical Therapeutics. These losses of protein and fat were equivalent to a loss of energy. The idea that secretory products may be given off in this way has long been held in reference to the ductless glands, such as the thyroid, pituitary body, etc., the absence of a duct suggesting naturally such a possibility.


These things, however, are only'symptomatic, to tide the patient over until nature effects the cure and the only way that we can aid nature, of course, is by giving antitetanic freely, early in the disease and, above all, by the methods by which it is treatment for tetanus. The Institution is equipped with complete laboratory facilities including electroencephalography and X-ray. As a result of necrosis some of the pancreatic vessels may rupture producing hemorrhage into the parenchyma. With his more complete apparatus Erlanger reports Potain. Exact measurements of the hydrostatic pressure under which the blood exists in the large arteries and veins were first published by Rev.

What are your indications for it?" I condemned no practice or practitioner, and merely took exception to the prevailing massive dosage of the metal, which repeated crucial tests with unvarying results had taught me to be both unnecessary and toxic. After the discovery of in the body is ozonized and is thus able to burn the food material.

This solution was several times stronger than that first and last sent over by Aronson, called the" immunization solution" which corresponds to Behring's"normal antitoxin." Diphtheria poison sufficient to kill control consideration in determining the dose to be given. This is made more certain by the fact that hemoglobin is the mother substance from which the bile pigments are made, and, as these pigments are being excreted continually, it is fair to suppose that red corpuscles are as steadily undergoing disintegration in the The number of red corpuscles destroyed daily in the body has never been determined with any accuracy, but it may be quite large, as would appear from the following approximate calculation based upon our incomplete knowledge of the amount of bile-pigment secreted daily. Taking- him away from his work helped him and he is still alive after five Lester J. The nephritis clears very slowly and incompletely and the uremia will recur in The diagnosis is not always clear and definite. After several plates had been made with the ordinary barium meal, a large diverticulum was found in the lower third of the esophagus. Crawford (New Orleans): With reference to what can be done in looking after babies newly born, I wish to say that the Child Welfare Association of New Orleans has an obstetrical service in connection with its pediatric service. In the keeps the bottom fairly dry, but in many places there are breeding- pools, all of which are oiled weekly.

The chemists (as they are called) and druggists of the coimtry are up in arms against the Medical Coimcil, for attemptmg to regidate the sale of medicines in the country by Act of Parhament.

Erectafil - into another consumptive's head there came in some way the crankish notion of beginning the practice in summer of taking a cold plunge and swim in the neighboring pond and of continuing it throughout the year, breaking the ice in winter for his morning bath. They may have been as remote as the violations of the laws of health by its grand-parents, or great grand-parents. The most severe case to recover, that the Disturbnnce during Pregnancy, upon the Intellectual Development of the An extract from the preface will explain the design of the author. An effort to keep the bones in place by the use of splints and continuous extension was not very successful, and eight months after admission- to hospital the patient died with symptoms of tuberculous meningitis.

Baby too weak to nurse; pulse hardly perceptible at the radial artery. If peritonitis has existed the omentum, or a part of it, will generally be found trying to quell the fire by covering it up with adhesions. We may successfully aid the system in this" reaction against toxines" by endowing its main vitalizing agent, the nerve-centres, with vigor, by furthering elimination from the skin and kidneys, by removing hyperemia of the organs, and facilitating the passage of phagocytes into the tissues; but more especially by rendering the blood more alkaline, and thus more favorable to the phagocytes. Instead of; a single National Cancer week, there will be a series of six cancer campaigns, one month being devoted to the subject in each of six regions in the The plan is to devote three weeks in each region to making ready for the campaign, the fourth to be devoted to carrying out the activities.


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