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The number of schools receiving state aid has somewhat increased during the past two or three years. The physician will then be in doubt about giving the Pasteur treatment to the person bitten. We come now to notice some of the most distinct, strongly marked, and valuable breeds, among which the Ai-abian, or that species of the Araliian best known to us, is justly celebrated. Service, "40" however, is too often interpreted to mean only manual care and sacrifice of self. All Tlie therapeutical history of this jilant, like many another whicli has finally taken a permanent place in our Pharmacopoeia, will have to be made up of the various adventures of irregular" doctors" and negroes in the different localities where it grows, and where it has been in use as a domestic medicine, entering into many of the abominable concoctions given by the" native" doctors.

It would be very much easier for the public authorities to be able to determine just when to make laws or particular rulings severe and when to make them less severe and still be just to both Another direct responsibility of the physician in relation to occupational diseases that is only too frequently neglected is the education of the individual workers themselves, and their employers when the opportunity offers, in relation to dangers incident to the occupation that had not been recognized by them and the providing of information which will aid them to prevent bad effects. The school is a success, has done all that was promised for it and has every prospect of a splendid future. Wood, of Pennsylvania, from the writings of the physiciiDB already mentioned. There was no doubt that the present apjniratus did give a new test for hearing, and it would be advisable that the Sectioi should take an active interest in the matter, and help the workers to arrive at a complete standardization. The flat head of a screw just fltting the trephine hole was placed in the latter against tlie inner table, and sharply struck through.

These evacuations are attended with severe pains down the thighs, and more especially by an indescribable and subduing sense of exhaustion, the patient often fainting in the water-closet. In ninety-nine cases out of a hundred, however, relief will come in death. The mucous membrane covering a tonsil may be the primary seat of the characteristic local exudation, or the arches of the palate, or the posterior surface of the soft palate, the uvula, the nares, or the pharynx may be the primaiy seat.

They decreased progressively in size and number toward the nucleus. The specific occupational diseases have definite etiologic relations to the particular industries and they are. If you are so unfortunate as to have a shying horse endeavor to break him of the vice by allowing him to examine objects of which he is afraid, by speaking soothingly to him, but never by whipping or spurring him. The man lived for thirteen years after the injury, and his skull and the crowbar are now in the Warren Museum of the STATED MEETING OF THE COUNCIL. Three of the eases thus far followed were unimproved, and eight have been at least relieved, The variety of etiological factors which may be present in abscess of the lung is well illustrated in this series of cases.

He (bir Odontological Society showing that the streptococcus was present in all norma mouths. The most sedative of the phenothia phenazine, one of the least sedative, on the other hand, was found to be most effective in relieving When used as a'tranquilizer' in general medical practice, in many patients Prolixin (Squibb Fluphenazine Hydrochloride) suppresses anxiety, but not normal activity. It is irritation, want of care, direct contagion, attempts at rape, or accidental from contact with objects toiled with blennorrhagic pus. Scars also having a less diameter than a quarter of an inch ought to find a place amongst this class; and generally all ill-defined, faint, scarcely discernible white patches, especially such as consist of large, flat, ill-defined shiny marks. Definite tache with a white border, and a sHght Sergent's Kne is present in the right upper quadrant of the abdomen, but nowhere else. This will be a matter of time, and I think it almost impossible to with the following history and symptoms: Well grown for his age, but somewhat ana?mic, appetite poor, family history good.

Pleasant-tasting Alertonic is pipradrol hydrochloride Nothing fosters confidence and a sense of wellbeing better than your own personal warmth, understanding and encouragement together with Alertonic to help insure prompt response. Allen Thomson, Professor of and from the descriptions of Kolliker.

In his experience successive operations were always unsatisfactory,, and often ended fatally. The Governor met ninety physicians representing the could get, provided the proposed bill reorganizing the state board of health was indorsed by the profession and became a law.

Oftener still, it is a matter of" Hobson's choice," and one must needs occupy the house that has served one's predecessors in the work in which one may happen to be engaged. Salary open, depending on training.


We have given this running description of this valuable work in the hope that it will induce our readers to become acquainted with it.


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