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Green, the author of the" Pathology" which he is one of the physicians.

Discharge, however, gradually diminished in the course of three weeks, and several days elapsed without any. But strict care should be observed to support the perinEeum through every pain, as the dilatation occurs so suddenly, and in most cases commences to develop its effects at the posterior margin of the perinasum before the meatus is impressed; and in this condition a violent pain might cause the head to pierce the perinaeum and tear its way through. Probably every medical his college course about the danger of administering chloroform ) indeed, so great stress is put upon it that many enter with physicians who have been in active practice a number of years and who have told me they had never yet dared to give chloroform.

Case the goitre was of recent date, having existed only about six monhs, and involved only the Case s- A married lady, the mother of a large family. Mackenzie's wish, but in my opinion it is far from being realised. It was very soluble in water, and the solution was a permanent one. This, gentlemen, is not because the prejudices relative to weaning do not prevail as much among the rich as among the poor, but because, along with that evil influence, the latter are subjected to other influences As there can be no doubt as to the causes of rickets, does it follow, that they exist in all cases? Do children, ill-fed, living in deplorably bad hygienical conditions, inevitably become rachitic, and are those who are wellfed and living under the best possible sanatory conditions exempt from the disease? Certainly, in a general manner, it is correct to say that this exemption exists; but there are exceptions to the rule; and it is important that I should point out to you the possibility of their occurrence. From Aspen to Laramie the road is Diagram showing the principal variations in altiiiulf bptwten Sun KruiiciKio and Omalia, over the Central and Union Paciflc Kailroadn. Those vessels furnished with a ship's surgeon, which, although having had cases of yellow fever during the voyage, remained free from it for at least twelve days after the complete cure or death of the affected persons, will be admitted to free pratique under the precautions indicated in the preceding article.


Vesicular arrangement does not occur; the whole arrangement, as is trary, a delicate retiform plexus in the interstices of the elementary parts of the gland, and there become continuous with the radicles of the veins. For if lesions of the frontal lobe very often cause the loss of the faculty "mg" of manifesting thoughts by speech, writing, and gesture, they possess a very limited influence on the loss of sensation and motion.

This man, who had been an assistant apothecary in the general hospital of Buenos Ayres, had acquired knowledge sufficient to know thedanger of his situation.

Soon afterwards the right shoulder, arm, forearm, 20 and hand were similarly affected. Great care was taken not to cut through the skin on the anterior surface of the ear. The cause of these symptoms was no sooner known, than suspicions were fixed on a Mrs. Strieker and Kundrat give excellent lectures on pathology, and during the winter Strieker delivers several lectures before the Vienna Pathoh;gical Society, describing the new discoveries made in cell formations, etc., in his laboratory. Reported a great amount of work done in trying to suppress unqualified medical pretenders. Beonson had had the care of the patient for a time, and was much interested in the case. He fell into a state of profound cachexia, and speedily sunk, having had purpura hemorrhagica in the last days of his life. I believe massage is destined in the future to play an informing the profession of the extraordinary value of this method of treatment in certain nervous maladies, and especially are also indebted for adopting and following up Dr. They should be removed by excision with scissors, or the knife. Having thus briefly reviewed the most important points concerning the plasmodia of malaria, the question of treatment, which depends entirely upon the effect of remedial measures upon these parasites, can The treatment of malarial infections may be divided into remedial and prophylactic.

L'pon returning home, he retired to bed ajiparently as well as usual. The spleen was found to be much enlarged and very hard; the liver was also enlarged. It is gotten up so elegantly and is so full of valuable matter that we feel obliged to file it away intact for binding, and have never yet had the heart to use our title of"An Earthly Paradise," republishes from the New York MefJical Journal liberal extracts from the paper on Southern California by Dr. For some time these tubes are large in proportion to the size of the kidney, but they finally become relativel)" smaller, especially in the extent of their outer convoluted portion, since'the portion which retains the original thiclcness, tends to stretch them still more: they also become more numerous as the developement increases, and the straight portions of them are disposed The cortical substance is gradually superadded to the convoluted extremities of the tubes; and according to both Rathke and Mueller, minute lobuli, which do not exist at first, subsequently make their appearance upon the periphery of the kidney in the mammalia.


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