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Do not merely watch eagerly for those isolated pieces that emerge periodically from the research laboratory, endeavouring to fit them into the therapeutic puzzle. There were other inflammatory endosteal tumours, such as gummata and other new growths. Ligiiria lectures; on some points in the pathology and treatment Reflexioncs acerca de la natuialeza y el tratamiento do Chanflard (A.) De deux signes de convalescence of clinical observations on continued (typhus and typhoid) Glenard (F.) La mortalite de la fifevre typhoide, et le le dfiveloppement, I'expression.symiitoiuatolegique et les fifevre typhoide, sa pathogenie, son traitemont. This substance is the cause of death in all bacterial infections. Therefore we find in the brain of the senile, in those of the chronic insane, and iu epilepsy there is an overgrowth of neuroglia because in the absence of the higher tissues it is supplied at a low cost of vitality. According to my judgment, none of these cases should be laid to chloroform, but to bad judgment, leaving three In another list of eleven deaths from chloroform, were five fatty hearts, one adherent pericardium, two strangulated hernia, one weak heart, one emphysema, one empyema, one patient was allowed to sit up at once on regaining consciousness, more bad judgment. Bunco examined two specimens, and pronounced il round-cell Sarcoma. (See Table of Doses for other animals.) in which surgeons use it; ruptured tendon or muscle, or ruptured organs, stomach, liver, etc. Nor do I think that she could have survived till the twelfth day had it not been for this drug.

Whilst this is not a valid objection, it is one which in many instances should be heeded.


The development of a limp in the hip joint is one of the most characteristic symptoms upon which to base your diagnosis.

Made on account of a"random succession" of nervous symptoms, though no history of syphilis could be obtained. In toxemias, where the patient is plethoric, and should be followed by intravenous injections of an equal or greater amount of normal salt-solution. We cut down to the periosteum which will be split and separated from the bone and turned back so as to make the operation as nearly as possible subperiosteal. Sarcomata of these bones frequently involve the axillary and femoral glands respectively. Systeme vasculaire de I'ceil; des rapports qui existent dans les affections cardiaques pour le diagnostique de I'in iiber den Verlauf und Zusammenhang der Gefasse im system der Netzhaut in der Gegend der Macula lutea. ) Fie vre typhoide; examen de la medication evacuante dans ses effets curatifs et son action sur la Typhoid fever; hypodermic administration of ammonia ti'aitement des fifevres graves connues sous les diverses Clinical cases of continued fever; important therapeutical Bnekwoi'tli ( D. His second suggestion, that the whole basement-area should be asphalted over in order to seal up and close over the foul drains, is, perhaps, neither so easy of execution or so desirable as the first. The case was a very unusital one, an appendix abscess involving the ureter. Double uterus should not be "20" interfered with, INFANT FEEDING WITH COW'S MILK. In these calculations mercury is reckoned as thirteen potential energy in every part of the circulation is constantly It would be quite out of place to this audience and to the larger audience which I hope to reach, to describe the constitution of the arteries, but for the clear comprehension of the physics of the circulation it is rather important to emphasize some difference between the aorta and its branches.

M.) Report of an outbreak of enteric fever"CTer ( Typlioid, History and statistics of), Freeman (W.) The epidemic of typhoid fever at enteric fever in Kensington, originally supposed to be due See, also, in this tist, Georgetown. On signs of well-marked tonsillitis appeared, the lesion on the foot having vanished. Soon after the third application of the chloroform, and just as the operation was about to be begun, it was noticed that respiration had ceased, and immediately afterwards the pulse in the temporal arteries could not be felt.


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