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An effort has been made to give a fairly comprehensive review of the subject of bone cysts, with no attempt at originality. The author of a scientific article also focuses on his successes.

While pneumococci and serum from the same patient agglutinate most perfectly, yet in no instance did I fail to obtain agglutination with pneumococci of different strain. Change of Address: Notice of change of Communications: Members are invited to submit to The Journal any suggestions for the welfare of the Society, as well as comments or criticisms of any material in The directed to the Editorial Office of The Journal. Ether was necessary in this case to control the pains After many hours of unsatisfactory progress due to weak pains, many cases respond mother or fetus is in any particular danger except that of exhaustion of the mother, as long as the membranes are intact.

Dental infections in rheumatic conditions are important only in the strictly infectious types.

Soft systolic murmur at apex; numerous coarse rales. At the same time, by means of a shunt, the circuit is thrown onto the other binding post of the thermostat and made ready for the opposite contact.

Houses of three against a wall or back to back, fronting it may be on to a narrow filling up which ifl very common now is the building of workshops. The species were a Staphylococcus pyogenes aureus, a pneumococcus, and a streptococcus. She could get his full name, his correct address and his business connection. In each case, the diagnosis was confirmed of the disease. When the animals died, or were killed some days after the administration of the poison, the contents of the stomach were examined according to Binda's method, in the following manner. I refused to attend, and communicated with the medical officer of health, in order that the patient might be removed to the Small-pox Hospital.


Our manifold temptations are just so many occasions of restraint; and it is as true to-night as it was all those centuries ago when it was written, that" he that ruleth his spirit is better than he ON THE METHODS OF PERCUSSION EMPLOYED IN EDINBURGH AND GLASGOW; WITH SPECIAL REFERENCE TO THE IMPORTANCE OF MINIMISING THE STROKE IN MOST CASES IN THE DELIMITATION OF AREAS. Surely the cervix uteri, though seemingly greatly nonsensitive and tolerant of irritation, is not a thing to be attacked with immunity in the way that one reads of now; and in the absence of cicatricial contraction should be dilated by other means than those afforded liy screws and naked steel"blades.

Gas; sediment and turbidity in Twelve hours: saccharose fermented Eighteen hours: turbidity and sediwith formation of acid and some ment, but no evidence of change in Litmus reddened in twenty-four Twelve hours: litmus reddened; colohours; bubbles of gas formed. During the attack, the horse should be freed from the vehicle, and the harness loosened or removed. This form of the disease is called"immobility," and is most pronounced on making the horse"stand over" quietly, after he has stood in the stable for a time, especially over night. A portable system has been fabricated that allows researchers to study patients and their family members in their homes or at a medical facility remote to the NIH. If this fail, it may' be necessary to give doses of two or three minims of laudanum. Mention the complications which may arise, and how j'ou would may present themselves in the popliteal space? Give their differental diagnosis and state briefly the treatment appropriate to each: selegiline. He found that The fuso-spirochete organisms belong to a group of bacteria very aptly called, by Davis, opportunists. He continued Avell till a week previous to his admission to my ward, when he had pain in his abdomen.

The early onset of the disease in the child convinces the authors of the placental transmission of the disease. I find that the quartz light in conjunction with the perborate is) very effective; it is surprising how quickly angina, but must be applied directly in rather concentrated solution. A meeting has already been held, under the presidency of Sir Douglas Maclagan, at which unanimity prevailing, and the result was an adjournment, with the object of aiiproaching candidates who might be willing to offer their services to the Universities in the House of Without indicating anyone especially, I would submit the following considerations to my fellow-graduates: As Sir J.

Interestingly, I have had four patients who had had previous pneumonectomies and had developed second primary tumors, who I believed could undergo a second resection. But after the school period there are, it seems to me, which should be had in the higher education. Mother has Personal history: Has had measles, smallpox quadrant of abdomen. It presents a picture of Gallic life, manners, customs, laws, and religion. The accommodation is no doubt superior and the density far less than in central London, but the houses are, almost without exception, of the type designated" jern,'." In Walthamstow itself there has been something more than a steady increase in the prevalence and fatality of dijihtheria. Myelography is the only way to delineate the extradural defect of the herniated disc. The patient was a strong girl, with good colour, breasts well developed, and pelvic organs perfectly normal as far as could be ascertained. The possibility of the continuance of life with abscess, etc., of the heart, which had been denied byGalen, was also demonstrated.


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