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The right Fallopian tube was about the size of a hen's and it was universally adherent, but especially to the united with continuous catgut suture, and the abdominal wound was closed with silk.

We are particularly grateful to the micro-organism for simplifying the current ideas regarding contagium, miasm and infection. Distin-Maddick, These pages contain a great deal of common-sense. Such, at least, is the strongly expressed opinion of an English surgeon.


Each man's record will be placed at the disposal of his company commander to assist him in picking men for promotion or for special lines of' work. Among other things observed was the frequency with which the anaphylactic reaction took on the form of a marked expiratory dysponea. Depending upon the character and quantity of impurities, there will be variations in toxicity, and to a lesser degree in therapeutic effect. Silver sutures were used in approximating the wound, and it was bound up with strips of wet lint.

No diphtheria bacilli after ten days. I believe this phenomenon in an early case is diagnostic. I have long been convinced of the unusual risk incurred by those who, while suffering from Bright's disease, are brought within the influence of or erysipelas.

The red mercuric oxide ointment used for xr pediculi is better made with lard or simple ointment than with the paraffin base. Perhaps the words withdrawal of an associate on the State Board of Medical Examiners than I had for Dr.

It was found to be common Texas Sanitation of the State mg Department of Health, direction of Dr.

Though the dysentery was relieved at about this time, there was slight erysipelatous inflammation of the edges of the wound. Her hearing had entirely returned and absolutely responded to every test as completely normal.

This is the name proposed by Hartzell to replace the term"botryomycosis," the use of which has been dropped since Bodin demonstrated that the so-called botryomycetes were identical with Staphylococcus tumour, usually pedunculated, developing on 75 the site of an injury, often ulcerating superficially, and in such cases bleeding freely, and prone to recur after removal unless the base is cauterized. The history of medicine is the history of civilization, and it furnishes a worthy subject for the labors of the scholar and the interest of the student. In the northern parts of Europe this property is turned to account for the extraction of salt from seawater; for a large sheet of the latter having been left to freeze, the ice is afterwards cut away, and the unfrozen water left below is property will also serve to analyze wine. For it is not only the medical man who has to be imbued with the new spirit; his patients also sadly need enlightening upon the subject. His object in making these statements is not to advocate artificial feeding in preference to nursing, but to draw attention to what he believes to be the real and proximate causes of the immense mortality which obtains among young children, namely, congenital debility.

Less than a year after his graduation Doctor Koch declared that he had"developed a real specific cure for cancer." In appeared a brief article by William F. Cameron, of Glasgow, had seen five cases of puerperal septicemia in one man's practice. If the desquama- j; selected from those which have come under elevations, and spreads from these to the she suddenly complained of a sore-throat, surrounding skin, or it may not be extended', In other respects she did not seem ill.

During this time plague infection may have killed the most of the rats aboard, and attacked the members of the crew and the passengers. Once the'aspiration of the thorax' has been eliminated, the right auricle of the mammalian heart will not receive blood unless supplied to it under a decided, if small, positive pressure. He had been under medical care, but no local examination had been made.


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