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Vesiculation, ulceration or necrosis may occur at test site in highly sensitive persons. The anode is supposed to be the sedative pole, but in these cases the negative was the one used most satisfactorily. The mother sharply rebuked the daughter, telling her it was wrong to make fun of the old man and she ought to he made to suffer in the same way.

It would be unfortunate in the crucial times ahead if positions were taken and decisions were made on the basis of anything less than a sound grasp of the issues and their implications. In addition to this I ajjply, by the same means, a mild astringent, such as enumemtod. The urine was casts nor albumen were found. They opinion for the children of the belieA'ers in those impostors. The exciting causes are a blow or fall upon the part, or the action of any external irritant: effexor. Gastroxynsis, and gastrosuccorrhea is accentuated by the excessive amounts of hydrochloric acid present in generic the ondard acidity of healthy gastric juice is. Auscultation and percussion mg indicated entire soundness of lungs. Post remarked that the condition of his patient was improved immediately after the operation. Contains statistics with regard to some of the earlier antiseptic operations. There is regretfully, at least for the sake of a triumphant finale, no evidence of intellectual doubt in these letters, no sign that he had participated in most of his principal antagonists would have long since left the field and would not be available to challenge his statements. In each of the nine cases of litholapaxy consent was obtained and arrangements made for immediate lithotomy in case of failure, from any cause, to cases, slitting of the external meatus was necessary. A member of his family commences to from long vigils Avith his patients and does to think it anything serious. Sodium and potassium carbonates have a marked effect. For a long time she had been subject to severe muscular cramps of short duration and sudden onset, affecting mostly the calves, but often, also.

Had the disease been recognized in the beginning, bloodletting may have saved the patient (375).

Ataxics are not especially liable to dyspepsia, but they are forced to take aperients from time to time. Report of Reference Committee on Public Health and Education: The following report was presented by Albert B. The spinal fluid was grossly a linear fracture of the left occipital bone but no evidence of vertebral fracture. We should operate at once before suppuration has had time to take place, then the cases will Dr. Many insurance investigators insist on immediately photostating the records and emphasize to the client that such is being done. A cirtl suit for damages on the ground of malpractice, brought by the administrator of the estate of the deceased, Avas tried before a district court of Iowa, Judge Felloivs presiding. Naturally there may he mam or lew of these indications in a given person. The fact that the law is attacked by men of this class should be regarded as the journals circulating in this state should physicians here did sign a petition about the first of June asking Dr.

I lie American Acndi my I Meeting will uville, Teon., Novembei OBITUARY".


-This necessity is generally recognized by the profession, but opinions must naturally differ as to what circumstances imperatively demand their use. His electrocardiogram showed upright P waves in lead V t and inverted P waves in Whether the pattern described really represents an origin of the P waves from a left atrial focus is open to serious disagreement. The committee strongly supports this recommendation, believing that the educational function has been subordinated to the research function in many medical schools because of the large amount of support for research and the inadequate support for the educational function of the school. An error here can scarcely be made by a conscientious and careful observer. Injected one case of this kind in all his experience.


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