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Among them are" the humerus (or upper arm-bone) is known as the the pancras (for pancreas), which is so named from the Midland Railway Station in London." out the heat when it is going to be cold." Dr. The remedy, though an old one.

Newm.an, the Medical Officer of the Board of Education, gives an account of the first year's work inspection of school children.


INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE LOCAL RELIEF AGENCY NECESSARY TREATMENT, CARE, AND SUPPLIES REQUIRED BECAUSE OF LAST ILLNESS OF OLD AGE All local relief agencies of townships and commission counties shall be required to submit from the Commission for obligations incurred for necessary treatment, care, and supplies required during the last illness of an Old Age in quadruplicate, shall attach a copy of all itemized receipted bills to the original, and shall notify the IPAC county representative that this form has been prepared and is ready for review. This patient came to the clinic on Friday last, and to-day she tells us she is much better. A valuable periodical, from which we will present our readers some interesting extracts at a future time. Edited by Thomas Clifford Allbutl System of Practical Medicine. We feel a natural diffidence in speaking about these things with which we have hitherto had no personal experience, and are. A plug of gauze was introduced into the rectum to prevent soiling if the patient strained. There are numerous splendid colored plates in the book. In this case the stomach and intestinal canal tolerate the medicines given, and the use of cathartics is more beneficial than in others Dryness of the tongue xr indicates deficient secretion.

The Journal says, explaining that for intramuscular injection and as crystals for use in preparing solutions for the eye. General adenopathy was prescription not present, only one enlarged lymphatic, in back of neck, being perceptible.

Many of these latter are quite degenerated, shown by their disorganization and failure to stain. This at first generates the body, and this governs its nutrition and protects it against decay. A resolution passed, authorising the Committee of Publication to furnish Chairman of Committees on Epidemics with volumes of published Transactions. And no even this great mortality is in a great measure due to the fact that the epidemic is largely incident to the poorer classes who have not the means to follow the example of those with means who get away from the infected locality as soon as they become convinced of the true nature of the disease. This lancet has pricked the pustule of a patient suffering with smallpox, and the contents of the pustule have been suffered to dry on the lancet.

There was a hard mass over the lower right antrum about canada the size of a walnut. No one questions the importance of surgical technique in cancer of the breast; x-ray technique, skill and diligence are just as important. Lester Dragstedt, Professor of Surgery University of Chicago Dr. Timm The mullein plant is much used in Ireland as a popular medicine in the treatment of phthisis. The manner in which he has fulfilled the most sanguine and enthusiastic predictions as to his future is now the following episode occurred, which is very pleasantly impressed upon the Among the many marvelously interesting and striking cases of aneurism which fell to Professor Syme's lot during the time of my association with rupture the common iliac artery in the neighborhood of its bifurcation, giving rise to an enormous pulsating tumor.


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