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The fact that he found more of these insane persons presenting themselves with indications of such operations a while back than he does now, and the fact that a while back there were more of these operations being done for general neuroses, and now more operations are being done for inflammatory conditions, would seem to indicate that in a large majority of these cases, at least, the tendency to mental trouble antedated the operation, and that the operation had The cases reported by Dr. Infection is often caused by ligatures, and care should be exercised to avoid this. Experiments had shown that it undoubtedly had a depressant effect on the heart in large doses.

A very decided cadaveric rigidity has also been observed by Nasse, in dogs who have taken phosphorus, despite the fluidity of the total mass of destined for excretion, and especially urea, accumulate in the blood, as modern chemistry has shown us.

There was but little hcemorrhage during the operation, and some which occurred in the evening was readily arrested by the injection of iced water into the bladder. The lower portion of the septum is just within the vulva, the septum is lax, and a little care is necessary in order to ascertain in making repeated examinations of the two in comparing them in which side the examining finger is, so there are no mechanical conditions to prevent gestation occurring on either side, but it is still a question whether that is likely or not. The patient was sixty-four years of age and had fair use of his arm. In winter the wind is distinctly warm; in summer, not so distinctly cool. But, as a check to the correctness of this result, he inoculated at the same time a fresh cow, B, with a portion of the same material.

As a rule, the sound is made the negative pole, but, in cases of htemorrhage, it is the positive. Cleveland said that he was himself conservative in the matter of giving quinine. The hypothesis of trophic nerves is at first sight tempting, on account of its easy application to the phenomena.

"Soon after the epidemic commenced in this city, a trader on Esplanade street took his negroes (about sixty in number) across the lake and located them in the pine woods, where he hoped they would be perfectly secure. The first definite conlributiou to diseases of children, the last two editions of which appeared under the authorship of Meigs and Pepper.

This impression of colour is sometimes the only observable symptom of the poison.

A regular monthly meeting of the Medical Society of the County The minutes of the April meeting were read and approved. Pollock was consulted, who considered it desirable, before resorting to Such severe measures, to have the man's mouth examined by a dental surgeon. In his opinion, there was no such disease as"rheumatic gout." As a general practitioner, he had observed in connection with acute rheumatism chiefly conjunctivitis and iritis. The only possible and reasonable explanation that I can offer you is that which I have previously stated: that certain predisposing conditions must exists and that it is thus that the susceptibility to the specific cause of the disease, that is, the bacillus tuberculosis, is constituted With our present knowledge, it is impossible to assert definitely if the disease depends essentially on a contagium vrvum, or, as I have previously quoted, in"the absence, not of the bacilli, but of that susceptibility due to the unknown concurrent conditions which constitute the tuberculous predisposition or diathesis." We must, likewise, candidly admit our inability to define positively whether a susceptibility does or does not exist in any given case, and whether that susceptibility is little or great; but it appears, nevertheless, equitable to assume that a susceptibility does exist whenever an impairment or deviation from our standard ideal of health can be bility, little or great, should be dependent upon the extent of impairment or deviation from our standard ideal of health, as Judging from the foregoing conclusions, it becomes most important in the treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis that we should not only take into consideration the many methods recently advocated, and such drugs as practical experience has established as beneficial, but that we should, likewise, direct our attention to the foremost and unquestionable necessity relating to its prevention. He illustrates his point by many examples from the lower animals.

On the day of his coming to the hospital I found the end of a piece of bone projecting from the wound. There can be but one opinion of' a careful trial. If such a scheme were carried oat, this agitation about a State examination would soon pass away; the necessity for so many licensing bodies would cease to exist; and a better which it formerly occupied as a medical science; but I would, nevertheless, call in question this system of elemental pathology (online).

By Wyatt A New Method of Closing a Laryngeal Fistula. The mixed cultures were obtained from three pelvic abscesses. The sterilizing bath which I use for my instruments is a saturated solution of hydronapthol. The nicotine absorbed can produce vasoconstriction resulting in the erectile dysfunction. The size of the volume commends it, and the illustrations are as good as we have seen, even in the more expensive booka In truth, we can say that we seldom see so handsome a specimen of the In the preface of this book we learn from the editor, Dr. Tallen would of lacerated cervix which required treatment; and of retin these, in only S would Dr.


I have the temerity to stand up here, less to answer questions, than to ask them. In seven cases death occurred during the period of convalescence, peritonitis following the escape of fsBcal matter through the resection wound.

When neither natural nor idiotic, the latter being observed in two cases after they had been long protracted; the various shades of expression were wild, anxious, or distressed, melancholy, heavy, and lastly, but rarely, brilliant and pleasing.

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