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In three of them, ending fatally, 150 the peripheral and central nervous systems were studied microscopically.

Rupture of vessels in the bulb of the ovary or pampiniform plexus, lying between the folds of the broad ligament, is enumerated among the causes of haematocele by Puech, Voisin, Scanzoni, Bandl, and others. Chloralamide was almost absolutely safe and by far the best of the chloral derivatives (pfizer). This is all to the good and it is eminently desirable that the book should reach the general public, but it nevertheless seems a pity that this term should become still more deeply rooted in the popular and eveu in tlie medical mind than it already is.

The same objection attaches to tartar emetic and other depressant diaphoretics, though valuable if free diaphoresis is secured. Money is freely poured out to satisfy the needs of mother and child in their helplessness. To begin with, it would appear that just such speeches as he has made, and just such articles as he chooses to publish, have been made and written against every public health organization. It is quickly absorbed by the Stomach and upper portion of the Alimentary Canal, and therefore finds its way into the circulation quite rapidly. And In infectious diseases, and of sedulous attention in hospital wards, out-patient departments, and poal-mortem rooms, as clerks and Wherever the first of the five years is spent, the next three must be passed at a school of medicine recognized by any of tlie licensing bodies enumerated in the scliedule Council recommends should be devoted to clinical work at any publfc hospital or dispensary at home or abroad which is recognized by a licensing body. Seamen work, sleep, eat, drink, and dress differently from the former. A Chinese Physician in New York. Lime water meets the condition of the gastro-intestinal tract, and also supplies the bones with the needed material. Even after the swelling of the suspected abscess is recognized, the differentiation between it and facial carbuncle should be carefully made. Before operation, however, a much better opportunity of examining the patient was obtained; and, although, on superficial observation, the cervix uteri appeared intact and healthy, there was a peculiar dark coloured, velvety condition of the endometrium of the cervix: on passing a surgical probe cautiously through the os internum the body was found to be enlarged, and the probe could be felt to penetrate the tissues round the cavity. It is all right to give free services to the poor but those able to pay should not receive professional work without paying for it.

Professor Gauss of Freiburg instituted a very drastic method in one sitting.

Louis Medical Review for January appears in its new dress, quite artistic, under the editorial supervision of a Board of fourteen medical men.

She was now having frequent mucous stools, with Was this an ordinary form of dysentery f Was it a primary colitis? I could not diagnose it so.

Irrigation must be employed if fluids of a putrid or doubtful nature have escaped. Anodynes are more imperatively demanded because there is a greater suffering, and depletion may be needed in the beginning, by salines, though good judgment is required because the child's strength must be watched. In front, on the right side, dullness begins at about the same level as behind; but the line of dullness is altered by change of position, showing that there is fluid in the pleural cavity. Rats, swine, dogs and sheep proved immune. Per cent., contracted mg diphtheria later, as secondary infections.

If two ridges are found on the right canine of the lower jaw, the left canine of the same jaw will present the same alterations. Gave instead triacol, teaspoonful every two hours.

Patients can be guaranteed a cure, and can be got out of bed in a week.

He thinks no traction should be made in the length of the handles, but that the extractive force should be expended in a firm and steady pressure with the palmar surface of one hand upon the lock in the direction of, or parallel to the axis of the pelvis at the point on which the head impinges, and a steady lifting upward of the handles in an opposite direction.



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