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He gives the credit of having brought forward and popularized the operation entirely to Dr. Were he to again encounter such a case, he would (following Czerny) attempt the removal of the neoplastic growth, even should it involve the resection of a portion of the oesophagus. This phenomenon not only accompanies the paralysis, but it belongs to diphtheria as a symptom by itself; for, according to Bernhardt, it occurs in about two-thirds of all cases of diphtheria which have no paralysis of any kind.

And in the night ran into the fields, where their flocks and herds were grazing, murdered the shepherds and laid about him among the cattle, taking them for men; slew numbers of them, which he imagined to be Agamemnon, Menelaus, and others, that were accessary to His dishonour. No such condition existed in the parents, as far as is known, or in the one living brother.

The leg is held in outward rotation, flexion, and abduction. Finally a long list of medicinal 1c7 and toxic substances act in this way. "But that I have good reasons I'd have had ye on yer knees beggin' fergiveness from thim poor The surly driver, was wild with anger by this time, and with an imprecation sprang from the coach, flourishing his whip stock, and rushed at McGinnis. The explanation of this phenomenon has called forth a great deal of discussion which could not be entered upon without a preliminary consideration of the theories in vogue concerning the production of the normal sounds.

Brush, there is a morbid sensation, as of insects stinging; also nervousness, and melancholy and other deranged mental functions?""We might succeed in dispelling those sensations at least," resumed Dr. Eight other children, whose ages range from eight to twenty-two years, are in good health. Of late years myocarditis has not been so common a diagnosis as formerly.

Enemata of warm water are desirable. The red congested spots show active engorgement of the capillaries, and this is especially marked around the glandular follicles, with more or less formation of embryonic cells. Richet, the improvement was rapid and incontestable, and as regards the first case at least, the anti-cancerous serum did really cure a Franz von Ried, the oldest of German surgeons, died at Jena on June loth, aged eighty-five. May I ask you then to communicate with my friends T Perhaps they will forgive me when I am dead." She burst into tears and leaned heavily upon me for a moment. Flannel wrung out of hot water and applied to the joint sometimes affords relief. Landis Getz, of Iowa, next described and The cabinet was devised for the purpose of enabling the surgeon and gynecologist to avoid the application of chemical agents to fresh wounds in order to render them aseptic, especially in major operations. Cases that cannot be thus such retention is taught to be due to either hour-glass contraction or organic growth to the uterine walls. He was a pupil of Michael Jaeger, at Erlangen, and lectured in his principal work was" Die Resectionen von Knochen, Barker is to encircle the patella with a vertical, anteroposterior silk ligature, which, when tied, holds the frag' A IVeekly journal of Medicine and Surgery This paper has been prepared with special reference to suicide as observed in the United States, though voluntary death as found throughout the entire world is, Self-slaughter is of rare occurrence among savage races of people; of so infrequent occurrence, in fact, that one is almost tempted to say that it is unknown among them.


Tottenham, that Miss Marston labored among the black girls.


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