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Handheld) on Nervous Disorders Ludlow's Manual of Examinations. He was inclined to favor in these cases the use of irrigations with peroxide of hydrogen, as he had never seen any harm from- its use and had observed a great deal found the intravenous use of saline solution beneficial in some desperate cases of puerperal sepsis. He had operated upon two women whose urine had been examamined by a pathologist for over two weeks, with negative results, yet in both patients there were contracted kidneys, and they died.

I first saw him about two days after the accident, some domestic remedies and dressings having been applied meanwhile. The highest temperature for the last six months of The lowest temperature for the last six months of The greatest daily range for the last six months of The greatest precipitation for one single storm in? northern part of the State from which we have reports of The observations were reported by James A. The child removed from our observation.

He was able to demonstrate that it was indeed a fracture, because the upper fragment overlapped the lower, the latter being joined at right angles to the upper. When the flask, B, had cooled, we connected the two flasks, avoiding the introduction of air," after having slightly shaken the flask, A, to stir up the deposit at the bottom.

Popham on the climate Corns, Mr, Ashton on, Notice, v. It is probable that most of the instances recorded in the first year of life derive from injury at birth. Mark Twain wrote about piloting river-boats on the Mississippi, about watching out for the ever-changing reefs. After at tending GleaSOn'S Academy in New Bedford, he entered the Medical School of Boston University where be At one time Dr.

Shumway called attention to the appearance of one of the illustrations accompanying the report of a case of Dalens, which showed long threads made up of bacilli in chains exactly like the organism found in the present case. Cold applications should be made to the abdomen. We offer no night or weekend on call hours; no hospital affiliation expected; virtually no paperwork; The Medical College of Wisconsin physician to direct and provide clinical services in City of Milwaukee Health Department (MHD) facilities, and to develop linkages between these clinical services and Key responsibilities include directing and providing clinical services in selected MHD facilities, STD and employee health clinics and developing related policies for the Milwaukee community, developing and supervising educational programs for MCW medical students and residents in MHD facilities, and developing relevant Charles Gessert, MD, Division of Department of Family and Community Medicine, Medical College College of Wisconsin is an Equal ported by a friendly dedicated staff; no legal or court work, and free parking. Satisfaction was achieved only home visit the next day and applied the proper, larger bandage (IME) have been the subject of the public's complaints. Two days ago she felt some uneasiness in swallowing; complains of pain in her back; startings in the limb; no twitching of the muscles of her face; frequent efforts to spit up a viscid saliva; sweats profusely; starts from her sleep in violent pain, and bites her scraping off the skin. In the great majority of cases the enlargement starts in the second year of life, and very seldom lasts beyond the end of the third year. The skin becomes much diminished in thickness, "jelly" especially in the papillary layer, the constituent papilte being very indistinct; and loss of hair and change in its colour are well-known features. That the etibrts thus made to maintain the high reputation of the"Journal" are successful, is shown by the position accorded to It in both America and Europe as the wiih him We quite agree with the critic, that this Journal.ol the Medical Sciences, a periodical of jiiurual is second to none in the language, and cljeer- wvid- wide' reputation; the ablest and one of the The present number of the Journal is This is the medical journal of ourcountry to which review. Mark's AND GOUVBRNBUR HOSPITALS, PROFESSOR OF PRACTICAL ANATOMY IN BELLEVUE HOSPITAL MEDICAL COLLEGE.

His face was exceedingly pale, and his features collapsed; his breathing exceedingly short in the right side, the upper half of which was perfectly dull on percussion, and there was no vesicular respiration audible; there was considerable resonance of the voice, and, on deep inspiration, some bronchial respiration was audible; physical f)henomena same anteriorly and posteriorly; respiration in left ung and lower half of right natural; he had cough, which was almost incessant, but without any expectoration; his skin was intensely hot; six leeches were applied to the right side, and he was ordered to take, every third hour, a pill containing two grains each of blue pill and carbonate of ammonia, and a fourth of a grain of ipecacuanha, and to have twelve ounces of wine.

He winds a solid rubber tubing around the head two or three times in the diameter of the occipital protuberance and the frontal sinus, and ties it securely. Bratton, though an invalid and therefore on waiting orders, voluntered his services to meet the emergency. These latter, too, have a more limited interest, each school caring little how the others celebrate the occasion. For this purpose rubbing and some of the simpler forms of massage are eminently useful, and suffice to cure the vast majority of cases without the use of splints. The face in the early period of the disease is usually more or less flushed.


In another column the Committee of the New York Academy of Medicine submit a first draft of a Bill establishing a National Bureau of Health.

If solar radiation is indispensable to the decomposition of carbonic acid and the building up of the primary substances in the case of higher vegetable life, it is still possible that certain inferior organisms may do without it and nevertheless yield the most complex substances, fatty or carbo-hydrate, such as cellulose, various organic acids, and proteic matter; not, however, by borrowing their carbon from the carbonic acid which is saturated with oxygen, but from other matters still capable of acquiring oxygen, and so of yielding heat in the process, such as alcohol and acetic acid, for example, to cite merely carbon compounds most removed from organization. Uric acid three classes of salts the neutral urates cannot exist in the living organism, and therefore take no part in the pathology of gout.

The skin, subcutaneous fat, and aponeurosis of the external oblique are divided. I had no opportunity to see my dogs until eighteen hours after the injection, when a prominent lump had formed at the area of injection, very red C.


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