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On closing the eyes a rim of white is visible above and below the cornea, and Graefe's sign, immobility of the upper lid when the eye is turned downward, are two symptoms of great diagnostic importance. The quantity must be adjusted to the age and gastric condition of the child, and usually one hours is sufficient for a child four years old. Hay-racks are best made with a light roof and frame set on low stout legs.

Its quality of rapid, vigorous, and luxuriant growth has caused it to be occasionally used for the extirpation of weeds which are difficult to get rid of in the ordinary own part of it, viz.


This seems dangerous, as it leaves a space to be filled, instead of a mere cut to heal. Treatment of inflammation consists in putting the affected part at rest, applying either heat or cold and remedies, such as lead-water and laudanum, ichthyol, or belladonna and mercury ointment, which, experience shows, either lessen pain or promote absorption of the exudate. Even to-day the influences upon morbidity, the ultimate consequences of a mild puerperal process, are too apt to pass unrecognized by the obstetrician, and the case passes into the hands of the gynaecologist for the cure of chronic uterine and peri-uterine inflammation which had its origin in an unnecessary if not careless vaginal examina tion. The seed as imported contains a good deal of sorrel and other weed seeds that are collected with it. This regurgitant wave meets and offers an obstacle to the normal blood-current coming simultaneously from the pulmonary veins into the left auricle. It is indispensable for alternate husbandry, but as it does not last for more than two years it is of no use in permanent pastures. Jorge that the disease was diagnosed and published to the world as the plague. Catarrhal erosions may also be seen here and there. It is not, therefore, a certain laxative, but its operation should be assisted by bran mashes. How to distinguish mitral from tricuspid incompetency is a question that Avill receive due attention when the latter disease is considered. Took tincture of chloride of iron, and went into the country. The ground had never been occupied by troops before, consequently was not polluted; but, as has been stated, typhoid fever continued to increase until the cooler weather of October lessened the number of flies, when the epidemic abated.

When the backing is mere skittishness, which we have known it, an encouraging word and a smart smack of the whip have cured the inconvenience. The firm which tries to get the benefit of another firm's work and advertising, is likely "dapoxetine" to work any scheme that has the most money in it, We recently had an example of this.

The physical signs are defective expansion and an increased tactile fremitus. The subjoined formula combines these classes of agents, and will be found to be highly serviceable: added to the same. In the Treatment of these cases, if the haemorrhage, after enlargement of the wound, cannot be controlled by the same direct means as have been recommended for bleeding from the liver, nothing remains but splenectomy, an operation which has been shown to be more successful when performed for injury than for disease.

Of the cases of fracture seen in a civil hospital, probably none are so likely to become complicated by nonunion and false joint as those of the humerus; but in war cases are recorded by Otis as having occurred amongst shortening of the humerus almost always results, and its extent depends on the length of loss of substance between the broken ends: there may be none when, although the continuity of the bone is lost, a fragment remains on the entrance side of the fracture, preventing the approximation of the upper and lower fragments to each other.

Its color is grayish-white or grayish-red, while the central portion is often distinctly white and firm; less nuclei, becoming first hyaline and subsequently sclerotic.

Scudder commenced the study of medicine, and received his diploma from the New York Medical for one year with Dr. If the wound be still open, it should be enlarged, and explored with a trocar; if found by these means, the abscess should be incised and drained in the usual way, a piece of one or more ribs being removed if this operation seems to be indicated. When we think that a year ago she was looked on as lost, the change that has been wrought in This case which I have followed with Dr. Given forced fluids, open bowels, and urotropin.

The disease usually appears after the first six months of life, though it may exist in utero and at birth. Repeated blisters then will afford the fairest prospect of removing the tumour, or firing may be tried; but in the majority of cases, the disease will bid defiance to all our means, or will return, and baffle our hopes when we had seemed to have been accomplishing our Mayhew's advice is worth the space we here give, as a regular treatment is to purge, give diuretics, bleed, blister, rowel, seton, periosteotomy, neurotomy, fire, and punch.

The general exhaustive nature of the disease, coupled with the frequent vomiting during the paroxysms, renders whooping-cough a peculiarly severe disease for weak or anaemic children, and not infrequently they die of exhaustion or tuberculous processes be strict. If used, they should be used in large doses, and discontinued if no good results are obtained after three or four doses. His family history is absolutely negative to tuberculosis,"chronic bronchitis," anemia, neurasthenia, or dyspepsia. These three diseases greatly resemble each other; their effects on the system are very similar, and they help one another in their pernicious influence.


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