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At the apex there was a systolic murmur which was conducted outward and was audible in the axilla and faintly behind. Ter in die was prescribed, and its administration continued up The idea of applying compression to the artery beyond the sac originated with Vernet, a French military surgeon, at the close of the last century, and was tried in a single case which terminated unsuccessfully.

He also spoke of antisepsis, asepsis, sterilization, and operation in eye work, noting the improvement in operative technique, and in the treatment of concomitant strabismus. Formed from the nuclear loops and in development giving rise to the daughter-nuclei. Also, if, in either of these classes of cases, any important emuiictory ceases to perform its functions, more especially the kidneys, whether from functional or organic change, the effused fluid may excite a low grade of inflammatory irritation or action in the pleura, giving rise to a modification of the effusion' itself, as well as to some of tiie changes observed in the pleura and lungs after death, and which have been too generally viewed as the original disease, instead of being considered approval a consecutive and contingent occurrence.

It was contended that the septic poisoning must occur through accidental wounds, inflicted at the time of inoculation, and that infection of previously existing sores or partially healed wounds did not entitle to indemnity; that sepsis due purely to the carelessness of the physician, who"opens abscesses or dresses purulent or septic cases without taking any adequate precautions to protect his open wounds is not a cause for indemnity;" that the condition must be an"infection of a wound, caused by external and accidental violence, by any poisonous substance;" or that the liability of the company depended upon whether the physician accidentally wounded himself while engaged in his regular occupation and by reason of such wounding and simultaneously therewith had been inoculated with In this, as in many other, discussions, the disagreement and dissatisfaction have arisen from the two great sources of human error: inaccuracy of language and ignorance of fact. There seems to be a retention of some bacterial products in the fda tissues. It contained about two ounces of greenish-yellow any portion of the substance of tlie liver except the surface with which it was in contact, and no communication could be detected between it and Some recent peritoneal adhesions existed between the upper surface of the right lobe of the liver and the diaphragm.

This method of division has disadvantages, but is, perhaps, as good as any which our present knowledge enables us to make. This sequence of phenomena has the appearance of a demonstration, and one must doubt the clear evidence of his senses not to believe that diseases do undergo witli great force and clearness, showing that certain approved methods of combating a given disease imder one form, were simply destructive hydrochloride when applied to the same disease prevailing under a different phase of the so-called epidemic constitution. Parasyphilitic diseases occur after the syphilitic poison has ceased to exist as such, or at least after it has lost the power to cause characteristic pathological reaction in tissues. An embolism of the internal carotid, or middle cerebral artery, would explain all the symptoms. Amputatiojis receive full consideration both as respects the general indications and contraindications therefor, the time at which and ways in which the operations may and should be made, the results of the limb removals, and the special amputations in the upper and lower extremities. Bacillus of choleraic diarrhea from meat-poisoning, Klein. It therefore becomes allowable to ask whether the two groups of Becquerel rays, like the two solar groups, are also differentiated by their bactericidal properties.

The sulphate of quinine in the form of syrup, and the resinous extract of bark blended in milk, and given every three, four, or six hours, are the best preparations. Mild form of Asiatic cholera, or the initial structures, and occurring most frequently in cholesterin in the blood. The diagnosis is substantiated by the exclusion of spinal meningitis and myelitis. They are too many to consist of only pre-existing interlobular ducts, and there has been much discussion as to their origin.

It may be proper to state that the patient miscarried a month later.

Formerly the loss of cerebro-spinal fluid was feared, hut a number of cases have since been reported in which this oozing went on for weeks and large quantities were lost, yet the patient survived and eventually recovered.

Its onset was marked by acute pain in the right side of the chest, which persisted for some time.


The appearances interpreted by Langhans as referable to proliferation of the capillary nuclei are in reality due, according to Ribbert's recent studies, to the accumulation of white blood corpuscles and of an albuminous substance in the distended capillaries of tlie glomerulus. Asthma frequently alternates with neuralgia, migraine, angina and The famous case of Peter the Great, and many others, have been cited where the asthmatic manifestations gave place to gout.


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