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In diseases of the mind connected with disorders of the body, the priest might ask the aid of the Physician; in the reverse case the Physician might receive assistance from the priest. The special senses; touch, taste, The alimentary principles and their uses; albuminates, fats, starches and sugars, minerals. There was no tingling sensation in the skin, and she complained less of stiffness. When the tubes or nozzles have been used in an infectious case they should be boiled before being employed for another patient. Lavensen believes that in the instance reported by him the nasal passage was the portal of "tablets" entry.

The skin lesions, needless to say, are exceedingly variable in character, as the 4mg variety of names applied to them by dermatologists proves. He stated that the primary object of a Hospital was the relief of the suffering and injured poor; and he proceeded to show that the cases for which a Hospital was specially needed, and the cases which chiefly gained admission, were those of acute and curable diseases, and accidents which demanded in then treatment prompt Medical skUl, and all that the resources of a Hospital could furnish. Clark, who was lihe attendai our now Governor General. Containing an increased number of cells the comits were not above various stages of epidemic poliomyelitis are classified in Table II according to the day after the onset of yaraJysis.


In old-standing cases, in which the flexors of the toes and the muscles of the sole have undergone adaptive shortening, the concavity of the foot is persistently maintained; and during the stage of recovery from paralysis the patient may be unable to bring his heels to the ground.

Delirium Tremens." The Paper will be preceded by the exhibition of Pathological Specimens by the Alembers. Still the majority of patients have presented a well-characterised group of symptoms. Geo two gentlemen upon their initiation into the editorial fraternity, and trust that their pen will never rust, or their fingers weary, in battling for the rights and the advancement of the profession. The method for the determination of types should be as rapid as possible and a standard technic should be employed: bp. The tibia; were large, irregular on the surface, and much bent.

Fever two years before the patient came under observation. To reduce this matter in amount, a piece of Scotch outing flannel is used. Some cases of distortion of limbs appear at first sight to be due to muscular spasm, when in reality they are not so. But I leave these subjects which are readily acknowledged as essential to a medical education, to consider other elements of success, quite as important though much more likely to be neglected. The nucleus of the neurilemma, or the segmental nucleus as it has been not inappropriately called, is probably of far greater importance than is generally supposed. If a girl dream of eliding with her lover and they fall they will certainly marry aoon.

It is also stated that the glands have been found primarily affected. The diagnosis of such cases will always be called in question, for it is almost impossible to distinguish them from syphilitic or infective myositis, or from slighter cases of trichinosis.

If the minister is poor, his family large, and his salary small, who should be more ready than the large hearted phj-sician to give of his medical largess? But when the clergyman is gettirg three, four, or five thou sand a year there is no justice whatever in his that the age of miracles is over; but the statements now starting the rounds of the medical journals in Germany regarding the cure of tuberculosis by the inhalation of the benzoate of soda are calculated to renew the most sinking Dr. Pihdcr, pills, are spherical masses to be swallowed whole.


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