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Non-Jewish servants may cook for the families which they serve, for since they are in the house of the Jew, it is assumed that one of the household gives occasional assistance.

The Siegfried portable operating-table is removed from its case and occupies the space where the mess table was.

The authors never performed or advised amputation for an uncomplicated bullet wound, and state that the assumption of this position never subsequently caused regret. Anything, tend, to show the extreme danger of placing reliance on minute chemical results in the absence of gcod physiological and pathological The results of an analysis, in the shape of sublimates or precipitates, should be preserved as evidence, distinctly labelled in small glass- tubes hermetically sealed. Among them are pneumopathy, subjects with compensated mitral lesions, etc., who require measures for increasing the lesser circulation. Stove blacking, as it is known in the market, is simply black lead, amorphous graphite or plumbago, variously prepared and molded, pressed or cut into shape.

Symptoms present were tendency to syncope and extreme prostration, with a smarting or burning sensation at the stomach. This is a simple"Pink and Senna" worm syrup, harmless and efficient; many other medicines may be combined with zofran this, but we do not know that it can be much improved except by adding santonin. After death, a cyst, formed of mucous membrane and containing arsenic, was found in the stomach: the poison having thus become sheathed show themselves until twenty-three hours after the poison had been taken, once sick shortly after having taken the poison, but the first symptoms were j attend arsenical poisoning, may not appear until after the lapse of nine hour' from the time at which the poison has been swallowed With the.exception was ten hours, this is the longest period of protraction on record In other instances there have been great intermissions. In a case of poisoning by this alkaloid, which was the subject of at rial of the intestines, as well as of the tissues, and each one of these was repeattj a second time, to avoid all possible error.

Admitting that a physician has really made a valuable discovery in the treatment of disease; is he justifiable in concealing it, for his own exclusive pecuniary benefit, and the relief of those alone who conscience, rather than of self. The first duty, therefore, of a medical jurist is to cultivate a faculty of bined with a general knowledge of what the law requires as evidence, will enable him to meet in a satisfactory manner all the scientific questions that may be necessary for the elucidation of a case. But they could not draw upon the Boylston fund for more than one premium on each question. After this is done the rluidextract is prepared with diluted alcohol the same as any rluidextract: of. After hypodermoclysis, hypodermic injections of stimulants, of f en so urgently called for, especially during the stage of collapse or rigidity, become active, while they have before been inert. From this standpoint it is well briefly to review the literature of medicine. In a series of experiments on the properties of these gases in retarding putrefaction, I found in one that a large piece of fresh muscle was preserved effectually in a bell-glass of deutoxide of nitrogen, over water, for muscle suspended in the gas retains its colour after eighteen months, and has rdt g r P no change indicative of putrefaction.. This liqueur was invented by the cvs Benedictine Monks digestive. "An anterior splint should splint which will reach from the buttock well below the knee, thus fulfilling the important indication of fixing the joints above and below the fracture. Together, stir in the lampblack and, while cooling, add sufficient nitrobenzol or other flavoring to perfume the dressing, then pour into boxes. At - dose a tablespoonful or more in feed. Occasionally there are reported cases where typhoid fever has run its course without the characteristic rose-colored rash. Interception of vagina by Hooker, Dr.

Garvin, of Waynesborough, the leading article, is an extremely valuable paper, a part of which is held in reservation for our own columns, at some convenient time.

To be sure he attempted to account for the appearances he observed, but was never able to do so in a manner which will bear the light of true philosophy for a single moment. To favor sleep, the patient should be kept quiet; and if necessary to procure it by artificial means, a warm bath followed by a dose of port wine may be given, and generally opium should be avoided. What a light-headed and impudent fellow I should have been to present to the public, as an indisputable testimony of the truth that I have so laboriously advocated for three or four months, a work entirely deficient in facts! and to assure them that no document more authentic and trustworthy can be found on animal magnetism. In the management of smallpox there is but little to be said in comparison with the management of typhoid fever among troops.


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