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Her general health w'as rapidly ameliorated to the point of complete reestablishment. Thus the importance of the harmonious action of both lungs, or death by tuberculosis may be expected. French appears to have struck a happy medium between lengthy theoretic discussions such as are contained in larger works of others, like V. When the carts ai;d wagons constructed for the conveyance of the sick" and wounded were sent out with the army to Turkey in from such appliances at that time being only known theoretically requesting medical officers to suggest whatever alterations and additions they might think calculated to render them more the subject, but not so many, nor those so full, as would have been desirable, for the subject in respect to service in any country excepting India was a new one to most army medical officers. The unavoidable handling of the intestines, levitra furthermore, can be done much more gently through the large incision than through one The necessity of gentleness in handling also explains the second point, cleansing by irrigating. In this, as in many other infectious diseases, it is the ambulant and only slightly sick cases which are the most difficult problem to deal with. Not infrequently the removal of the exciting cause will be all that is necessary for the relief of the patient If the exciting cause cannot be removed, or if its removal is not followed by relief of the paroxysm, free ventilation should be secured, and the patient should be placed in a position in which respiration may be carried on with as little mechanical impediment as possible. There was no efficient system of hospital transport, no specially constructed vehicles for the surgical and medical stores, nor trained soldiers to take charge of them had they been provided, and no regular ambulance conveyances for the removal of the sick or wounded to the hospitals in rear. Therefore it seems to us, that now the favorable moment has come to lead the work by unanimous consent into the right grooves. Moreover, we believe that, whatever may be the explanation, the observation of British accoucheurs has satisfied them that the parturient woman enjoys special exemption from the fatal effects of chloroform; no fatal case having yet been recorded in this country, and unless our memory fails us, Dr. The serum of animals inoculated with the dead or living cultures show some variations in the agglutinating property which are worthy of mention.

We could however, by building up and keeping well managed and supported such an Association, have an amount which would be very acceptable to the representatives of a deceased member, and which we could claim as a right and just due, and not have to feel towards our brethren that it was doled out to us as a charitable pittance, and to the outside world that such is the result of the efforts of a lifetime spent in unremitted and unrequited toil.

In the spasmodic form the respiratory murmur is very feeble or absent, and in all forms percussion elicits a clear pulmonary sound.

For an approximate estimate of the degree of dilatation.


In pneumonia it occurs on the fifth or sixth day, and is ordinarily very as displacement of cervical vertebrae. For a IMPORTANT MEDICINAL AGENTS IN GASTRIC THERAPY.

An examination three weeks later showed that the thermo-anesthesia had extended to the elbow along the inner surface of the upper arm and later extended to the forearm and hand; no stereognostic disturbance in either hand; muscle sense in extremities apparently normal. The Maryland -Association for the Prevention and Relief of Tuberculosis had a meeting University. It is due to impaired nutrition, which exercise, by the occurrence of fresh attacks of broncliitis, and by spasm of the bronchi, such as occurs in spasmodic asthma. PERICARDITIS WITH EFFUSION j ASPIRATION OF PERICARDIUM. Sections w-ere prepared and examined histologically from layer of loosely arranged fibres, poor in cells, in several places including a few fat globules. Considering the nature of the wars of this country, even when not exposed to the enemy, they will be exposed to the influences of the climate, and these have to be reckoned with, in arranging the medical transport for an army. The characteristic symptoms of foot and mouth disease (aphthous fever) are a combination of high fever, vesicular inflammation of the mouth, and a hot, painful, swollen condition of the feet, followed m from twenty-four to forty-eight hours by the appearance of numerous small vesicles varying in size from that of a pea to that of a hazel nut on the udder and feet and in the month. S, pharmacopoeia, they will be freed from any arsenic the bismuth may contain. The injections were continued until April in general health, apparently not injured by the injections, though at one time they had to be omitted on account of soreness produced, but were begun again in a week. They might be derived (i) from the trypanosomes of the blood of birds or other animals; or peculiar to the insect and in nowise related to either of the two types It is plain that each of these three possibilities must be considered in order to arrive at a definite conclusion regarding the flagellates found in the gut of sanguivora, such as mosquitoes, flics, fleas, lice, leeches, etc. They are cleaned, washed, cut into pieces and then stewed similarly to peas.


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